December 31, 2006

Google Blog Search is Most Popular

A year after its launch, Google Blog search has dethroned the popular Technorati blog search, in page hits.

According to web data accumulator, Hitwise, visits to Google Blog Search surpassed visits to Technorati, and other blog search engines such as Sphere, for the week ending 12/23/06. Moreover, the research showed Google blog search attracts a younger audience than Technorati. While 10% of visitors to Technorati were in the 18-24 age group, 34% of visitors to Google Blog Search reached that tech-savvy group. A noteworthy point about Google Blog Search's younger audience is that Google News, like most general news sites, skews older, with only 15% of its visitors in the 18-24 group.

This could indicate that the younger users of Google News are much more likely to click on the "search blogs" link than the older users. In contrast, Technorati has been popular with the 45 and up web users.

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December 30, 2006

IIM student to bring movies on mobile

Source : SiliconIndia
Dated : 29/12/2006

India is all set to witness the usage mobile technology undergo a revolutionary change, thanks to an enterprising IIM student. Manoj Gupta, a PGPX student at IIM Ahmedabad, is planning to tap the commercial viability to develop the digital television technology through his own venture, reported The Economic Times.

The technology, coming with a high-quality and low-cost promise, will allow viewing television on a mobile phone just by inserting a chip. It will enable the subscriber to view television without switching on his cellular phone. “The user will be able to view TV on phone which will be connected to the mobile towers. This technology will provide better resolution at low cost with less complexity,” he was quoted.

Gupta, an IIT-Mumbai alumnus, is presently in talks with a US-based firm for investing in the technology and marketing the product in India. He is also planning to set up a chip design center in Pune or Bangalore to carry the project further. The new venture will offer mobile TV service to subscribers through cellular phone carriers using digital video broadcast handheld (DVBH).

“The semi-conductor industry is yet evolving in India and there is a lot of scope in the mobile TV segment. This is part of an effort to bring more of chip designing jobs to India,” Gupta, who has six years of experience in the semi-conductor industry, told ET.

With a lot of interest an investment in the Internet Protocol Television segment in the country, this seems a hot time for Gupta to market the product. “We will only be designing the technology and the US based firm will be launching the product in the market,” says Gupta.


December 29, 2006

Bangalore To Create A Buzz in Nanotechnology

Source : The Smart Techie
Dated : 28/12/2006

The Karnataka government is looking to boost the nanotechnology sector by hosting an event called Bangalore Nano in December 2007. The plan is to provide a platform for that would bring together leading speakers, start-ups in nanotechnology companies and the venture capital (VC) community.?

We are trying to bring all these players on a single platform to encourage entrepreneurs in the nanotechnology segment,? said State IT & BT secretary M. N. Vidyashankar. He also informed that there are few nanotechnology companies and has an opportunity to become a booming sector.

Nanotechnology is applicable across diverse sectors from IT, BT and machine tool industry. Plans like setting up a nanotechnology incubation center are in the pipeline. The proposed location is 10,000-acre knowledge city based in the outskirts of Bangalore. This knowledge city to be developed under a public-private partnership model is to be finalized by March 2007.

With the focus on the nanotechnology meet the state government has plans to introduce numerous changes to its annual IT and biotechnology events. Vidyashankar said that, as these meets are of international stature, they have already announced the dates for 2007 and 2008.

Firstly it is looking to change the regular events by adding more content and conferences. 2006 had its own crowd-puller in the IP zone, where numerous companies showcased its product development activity.

The state government has already come out with the tenders for hosting next year?s IT event and similar the case of Bangalore Bio. For 2005-06, it had registered exports of Rs. 37,600 crore and is all set to cross Rs. 50,000 crore during the current fiscal.


December 28, 2006

Successful marketing stunts

An interesting story on lessons learnt from some of the different and yet successful marketing stunts:

Lesson 1: Guess it pays to have a sense of humor about your business.
Lesson 2: Give journalists a good story, and they just may take you up on writing about it.
Lesson 3: Even the most outlandish marketing stunts--including those involving the often-dicey topic of religion--can work to a company's advantage.
Lesson 4: No harm in being inspired by successful marketing stunts that have come before, as long as you provide your own twist.
Lesson 5: There's something to be said for thinking big and on the fly.
Lesson 6: If you have a popular product but feel that sales are stagnant or your customers' excitement toward the brand is weaning, it may not be a bad idea to tinker with it. If you can create some drama around your product--and tug at your consumers' emotions--you may just find that your potential for bringing in a profit is, well, super.
Lesson 7: A marketing stunt doesn't have to be something that nobody's ever done before, but you should keep it fresh and exciting.
Lesson 8: If you're going to look for inspiration for a marketing idea, why not borrow from popular culture?
Lesson 9: Creativity works, and you can apparently talk anyone into anything, if you show them the money.
Lesson 10: Generosity is a selling point in a marketing stunt, and it helped that they tapped into human nature (the lure of free products) and current events.

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December 27, 2006

What's there in a Brand

This was the first time I picked up a different magazine other than my routine Business Today and Business World. The magazine in question is Money Today(December 28,2006 edition).

After going through the Table Of Contents, I found the magazine very interesting. There were many articles worth reading and one article which caught my eye was on Page 78("What's in a Brand" under "Career as Asset" column).

In our day to day life, we come across who are better than us (either technically/non technically/some other way).But every such person is not a Brand and this is what this article deals about. How can a person create a brand name for himself/herself or is every person a brand in himself/herself.
To get an answer to all these questions read the excerpts of the article from Money Today.

First, you must visit your strategic career plan. Understanding your career plans will help you develop your strengths, talent and focus on opportunities that wil take you towards your career goal.
Your job designation is not your brand. Look beyond the fancy title that describes your profile in the organization. What is it that you want to accomplish? What impact do you want to have on others? Components to consider for your personal brand include: your leadership abilities; strengths; achievements; your personality traits; and your distinction qualities.Do some outside the box thinking to create a brand that doesn’t mirror anyone else's.

Tackle a situation as a specialist would do and voila you have created an identity that is different from your colleagues. Narrow your focus at work. You cannot be good with people, good with customer service, good with presentations and simultaneously good at tackling a crisis.
In other words, good is everything. Aspire to become a specialist in what you do which would lead to an increase in your worth. Package yourself well. Every brand needs packaging and if you get your image right, everything else will follow.
As you revisit your goal, you can focus on the niche areas that are crucial for your career growth thus helping you create your USP.

Promote your strengths to get value out of your brand. One way to push yourself is to create a website, which provides resources about your subjects of interest.
Robert Scoble, the author of Scobelizer, the 23rd most highly read blog in the world according to technorati, is a case in point. As a sales support manager for NEC Mobile Solutions, his job was to answer phone calls and emails with support requests. He started using blogs to provide tech support. His blog got noticed by Microsoft's Vic Gundotra and Scoble was offered a job. He joined Microsoft in 2003, where he produced videos that showcased employees and products of the software giant.
So he tried to be different from others and that is how he tried to make a brand for himself.

Effective brand portfolio management starts by creating a fact base about the equity in each brand and the brand's economic contribution.
Also, plan upgrading your skills, acquiring new degrees or taking up new specialization courses. Since, brands are intangible assets that can be leveraged to build value, do take the time to develop and customize your portfolio according to the new assignment.

To be able to aware of the developments taking place in your career field and being open to changes enhances your brand equity.

Mohandas Pai (the ex CFO and now the Head-HR of Infosys) reinforces the fact that a brand is built on fundamental sustained behaviour.Since you are the brand; you have to lead by example. While staying focused should be your core strength, don’t remain transfixed to one idea only. Never lost sight of what makes your talent special, promote your strengths and grow a brand that builds on them.
As you move up the corporate ladder, you can evolve your USP further to include more skills.Since,brand building is all about creating a positive image about a product, in the same manner, your personal brand will present you as an employee who is an asset to the organization.
It's this BRAND factor that would give the edge over the other's.


December 26, 2006 wait is over

Yup,the wait is finally over for the Technologist, Entrepreneurial and Investor(important not to forget them since without them there is no business) community, get ready to pack your bags and go to PROTO

Register online at

Technologist and Entrepreneurs registration-->Rs 500/-
Investor registration-->Rs 25000/-

Hope to see you at Indian version of the DEMO on January 20-21,2007 in Chennai


December 23, 2006

Books for Entrepreneurs

Some books on Entrepreneurship:

* Zero to One Million by Ryan P. M. Allis
* Zero to IPO by David Smith
* Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
* Rich Dad's Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki
* New Venture Creation by Jeffrey Timmons
* Good to Great by Jim Collins
* The E-Myth by Michael Gerber
* The Young Entrepreneurs'Edge by Jennifer Kushnell
* The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business by Steve Mariotti
* The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship by William D. Bygrave
* Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker
* Good to Great by Jim Collins
* At Work with Thomas Edison by Blain McCormick
* Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen
* On Entrepreneurship by Harvard Business Review
* by Tim Burns
* The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki
* Fire in the Belly - an exploration of the entrepreneurial spirit by Yanky Fachler

There are more books on economics , personal developement on Harinath's Blog
Thanks Harinath for this information.


What if Reliance acquires Hutch?

All of them including the media,newspapers,bloggers and virtually everyone is tracking the Hutch acquisition. Who will acquire Hucth? Will it will be Rel Communications , Orascom , Maxis , Qatar Telecom or Vodafone?

Even I am interested to know which company would it be? Accidently,I was watching "News on the Loose" on CNBC and there was a good joke which was very interesting.

What will people say if RCL acquires Hutch?
People's view:
Hutch is acquired by a company (RCL owned by Anil Ambani) , whose Chairman(Mr. Ambani himself) does not even speak to his own brother(Mr. Mukesh Ambani) ,but is expanding his Tele-COMMUNICATION business!!!!


December 22, 2006

An interesting Entrepreneurship contest on

An interesting contest on , an attempt to raise awarness about entrepreneurship/startups among Indians.

Check the Contest link for more information

Now what you get if you win this contest!!!! "Art of the start" book personally autographed by the great Guy Kawasaki.


Life Management

Was tempted to put this one on my blog(Source : Robin Sharma)

"Life management begins with mind management. The quality of your life is influenced by the quality of your thoughts. Your thoughts do form your world. Scarce thoughts create a life of scarcity. Thoughts of abundance lead to abundant circumstances."


What is DooJo?

Recently,while Googling on the internet,I came across one more search engine called "Doojo".From the first look , it seems it is a Google venture.

Now the question is "Why would Google use its brand name to create another search engine?".
But it is just an ordinary web page using Google custom search engine.

Also,there is an interactive search engine ChaCha (which I came across while listening to CNBC Podcast on CEO Call and it is a genuine venture) which is in the Beta stage(but seems it would give a stiff competition to Google)

The worry is with so many search engines in the block(both Indian and Non-Indian) , it is difficult to identify which is genuine and which is not!!!


December 20, 2006

Ego Makes Entrepreneurs?

This is a good article from Businessweek.Are Entrepreneurs born with such risk taking qualities or is it the ego in them that create them.

Is an entrepreneur different from the rest of the population or is he/she trying to be different?And does every entrepreneur be successful?

Some interesting facts from the article are given below:

Q: The accepted understanding has been that entrepreneurs have a
greater tolerance for risk than the rest of the population, and yet your study found the opposite to be true. How so?

A: While conventional wisdom assumes entrepreneurs have great risk tolerance compared to the rest of us, in controlled experiments that tracked attitudes to risk, we consistently found that they aren't really that different. In some cases, the entrepreneurs are even more risk averse [than the norm], and yet they continue to bear risk.

"Entrepreneurs, like everybody else, hate uncontrollable risks, but on the other hand, they're overconfident in their own abilities -- they think they can control their abilities in a random drawing of people. It's like the Lake Wobegon effect in assessing their position among peers. They think they're above the average."

Entrepreneurs appear to be risk seeking with respect to their ability. For example, if there are two industries and one has a high cost of ability uncertainty and the other has a low cost of ability uncertainty, the entrepreneur will choose the first case because of his overconfidence.
Even though the second industry has the same mean value, he would be considered just average [there]. While in the first, he thinks he can be Bill Gates. It's that overconfidence in their ability that encourages them to be entrepreneurs.

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December 19, 2006

LG Electronics replaces CEO in management reshuffle

Source : The Reuters
Dated : 19/12/2006

LG Electronics Inc. replaced on Monday,18th December 2006 , its chief executive and other senior officials in a management reshuffle that analysts say is aimed at bringing in momentum to its stalled handset and display businesses.

The moves come as LG reported disappointing handset sales this year and struggles with falling flat-panel prices. Analysts are worried that fourth-quarter earnings could worsen from the third due to weak panel prices and the stronger won currency.

Nam Yong, former vice chairman of LG Corp. and CEO of LG Telecom Co. Ltd., will become LG Electronics' new CEO and vice chairman, the company said in a statement.

Nam replaces Kim Ssang-su, who had headed the country's top home appliance maker since 2003.LG Electronics also promoted James Jeong, former head of corporate finance at the company, to replace chief financial officer Kwon Young-soo.

It also appointed Skott Ahn and Simon Kang as the new heads of its mobile communications and display businesses, respectively.

Media reports said on Monday Kwon was set to take the chief executive role at LG Electronics' loss-making flat-screen venture, LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd. LG.Philips could not confirm the reports.

"It appears the selection of Nam, former LG Telecom CEO, reflects pressure from the market to improve LG's handset business," said Kevin Lee, an analyst at Woori Securities.

LG was the world's fourth-biggest handset maker in 2005 but slid to the No. 5 spot in the third quarter, hit by fierce competition for price and design with Nokia and Motorola Inc.

It was the largest plasma display panel (PDP) maker in the third quarter, overtaking 2005's No.1 Samsung SDI Co., but is facing dropping panel prices and tough competition from liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.


December 18, 2006

Blackberry Now Available on Hutch Network

Finally, good news for all the Hutch users waiting for Blackberry!!!

Hutch and Research In Motion (RIM) have announced the availability of BlackBerry for Hutch's mobile customers in India. Hutch's corporate customers will now be able to enjoy the BlackBerry solution that supports wireless access to email, phone, text messaging, browser, organizer and other mobile data applications.

Harit Nagpal, director marketing, Hutchison Essar said, "BlackBerry is a unique and powerful tool that provides seamless connectivity for our customers, even while they are traveling. We are delighted to be able to offer this brilliant service to our customers."

Designed for corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server integrates with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based wireless access to email and other corporate data. Hutch also brings to its corporate customers the BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) that provides a complete and optimized framework for creating, deploying and managing wireless applications for BlackBerry handsets.

Norm Lo, vice president of Asia Pacific at Research In Motion said, "Hutch is a strategic partner for RIM and we're pleased to be working together to expand the reach of BlackBerry in India. Hutch's strong presence in the enterprise market will help us reach and serve more mobile professionals, allowing them to enjoy enhanced communications, collaboration and productivity."

In addition to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Hutch also offers BlackBerry Internet Service for individuals and smaller businesses. This service allows users to access up to ten corporate and personal email accounts (including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and most popular ISP email accounts) from a single device.

BlackBerry handsets immediately available on the Hutch network include the BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry 8700g, and BlackBerry 7290. Hutch will also soon launch the new BlackBerry Pearl.

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December 17, 2006

I'm Feeling Lucky with Google

Yes,finally I have managed to come to the top of the Google Search list for search as "Himanshu Sheth".

I did try this few months back and my blog was at the forth position and now it is on the top of the list(for search as "Himanshu Sheth")

And also,when you use "Himanshu Sheth" as the search text and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky" , you will be lucky and would land into my blog.


December 16, 2006

A small stint with Mr Siddharth Basu of KBC fame

While in Mumbai,I used to work for a company that used to make softwares for the TV game shows.I had a chance to work with Siddharth Basu , led Synergy Communications.On thing which I should say about Mr Basu is he is not only a great quiz master but also a great director.He is a very punctual and a hard working person.But as we know,a great company cannot be built on the shoulders of a single person.Yes,he has a great team in Mumbai as well as in New Delhi.

Below,I am with Mr Basu at Studio#7 in Film City,Mumbai(this is around 3.8 years back...but a great memory).This is during the shoot of Kamzor Kadi Kaun(the Indian adaptation of "The weakest link").

The team of Synergy Communications,Mumbai.Along with Mr Basu,there is Karun Prabhakaran(Head of Productions for Synergy Communications),3rd from left.

Due to this small stint of around 1.5 years in Fim City,Mumbai got my interest in this liv field of Game shows and also in movies.Let me see if this dream comes true for me!!!


Corporates want winning attitude in you

Source : The Economic Times
Dated : 16/12/2006

A good article on Motivation in employees and how the body language and attitude matters at the workplace.

An employee has a winning attitude when he considers himself to be an ambassador of the company that he works with. This means that at all times, whether in a professional or social setting, his conduct must be impeccable, his behaviour must reflect well on the company. For instance, I expect everyone who works at Kinetic to be polite, dignified, professional and intelligent. He should also be well-informed about the company and its initiatives.

Even if the employee’s particular job profile may be restricted to a certain responsibility, he should have sufficient knowledge about the products in detail, company plans and what the current buzz is about us in the market; as well as about the industry and our competitors. It’s also important to be intelligent so that others can hold well-informed discussions about the company with him. This ‘ambassador’ attitude portrays loyalty and a genuine interest in work. It also creates a positive impression.

An ideal employee should also always seek growth and knowledge. He should be motivated enough to seize initiatives and be committed to striking a good deal for the company. Any employer will appreciate an employee who is committed to preserve and forward the well-being of the organization.

Arun Firodia, Chairman, Kinetic Group

The right attitude is a winning combination of taking initiatives, being passionate about one’s work, being innovative and analytical as well as creative. An employee should also have a strong set of values, should be able to respect team members, dare to dream and have the persistence to execute projects and meet challenging situations. I remember, once there was a fire in our office and employees risked their lives to rescue their work.

And during the recent Mumbai floods, our research centre was badly hit. The water had breached the wall and was steadily rising in each lab. However, our employees worked together to put their equipment – which was on the floor – on high tables and switched off all the wiring to avoid short circuits.

Everyone shared the limited food available. Everyone tried to keep the children in our office creche as happy as possible. They slept on the floor and boosted each other’s morale. This positive attitude, team work and the ability to fight tough circumstances are what we really value at the Piramal group.

Dr Swati A Piramal, Director, Strategic Alliances & Communications, Nicholas Piramal India Limited

The way an employee behaves with others is a reflection of his attitude. He should be cordial and polite to everyone – right from the peon to the top bosses.

Prakash Chauhan, Executive Chairman, Parle Agro Pvt Ltd

The winning attitude can be summed up in one word – tenacity. It is this ability to consistently persevere that’s a defining quality in a good worker. This is what separates a winner from others.

Suketu V Shah, President & director, Mukand Ltd

Winning is determined many times by one’s attitude in a business environment. An employee may have limited ability, but with the right mental attitude, he can still produce excellent results and contribute in the company’s overall growth.

On the other hand, one may have talent in abundance, but if the right mental attitude is missing, it will never allow him to reach his ultimate potential. Attitude is what separates excellence from mediocrity. I also believe that personal integrity is crucial and an employee should tell nothing but the truth.

For me, an employee’s secret of success is passion. Thinking big can ensure that he emerges a winner in his chosen field.


December 15, 2006

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Going through Vinod Khosla driven Khosla Ventures, the term "Who is an Entrepreneur" struck me.

Here it is:

"An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true."

"Innovative bottom up methods will solve problems that now seem intractable- from energy to poverty to disease.
Science and technology, powered by the fuel of entrepreneurial energy, are the largest multipliers of resources we have to solve our many social problems."


Philips Rolls Anti-Piracy Tech for Video

Source : CNBC Blog
Dated : 15/12/2006

Philips Electronics is launching a service to help Web sites and online file-sharing networks filter out unauthorized copyright video files.

The service, dubbed MediaHedge, is the latest anti-piracy tool designed to help sift through the growing volume of online video files and give copyright holders more say over their content.

Online video sites that allow computer users to load videos, often clips culled from TV shows and music videos, are under pressure from the entertainment industry to filter out video content that users post without the copyright owners' permission.

Google Inc.'s wildly popular video-sharing site, YouTube, has said it is developing technology that will streamline the process by which copyright owners identify their content on the site and then determine whether they want to have it removed.

Philips did not name any customers who will be using the MediaHedge system, which works by checking the digital ''fingerprint'' or unique characteristics of video files and looking for a match in Philips' database of video content.

The service can spot a match even if the video file is degraded, altered or amounts to a small slice of the original video, according to Philips Content Identification, a unit of the Netherlands' Philips Electronics NV.

Copyright holders can specify in advance whether they want to allow videos containing their footage to be posted on sites running MediaHedge, or whether they should be blocked or otherwise restricted.


Indian acquirers preferred over others

Source : The Economic Times
Dated : 15/12/2006

Indians are turning out to be preferred acquirers for investment bankers in the West with a sell mandate. Indian corporates are being seen as job creators as against private equity investors who are seen as asset strippers.

Speaking to ET, I-Sec managing director S Mukherji said that one of the biggest investment banking opportunities for the company was cross-border acquisitions. “Right now, most investment bankers in the West have sell mandates. On the buy side are private equity investors,

Chinese and Indian corporates. Indian corporates are turning out to be preferred buyers because most of the Indian acquisitions overseas have done well, and there is a very good feedback about them.”

The reason why overseas sellers prefer Indian acquirers is that employment tends to go up after an Indian acquisition since Indian corporates use the company as a platform for overseas expansion.

A lot of Indians are buying front-end to move up the value chain. They are buying loss-making businesses and making them profitable. According to Mr Mukherji, he expects to see action in overseas expansion in auto components, textiles, pharma, pulp and paper, iron ores and engineering. In addition, Indian corporates are actively looking for acquiring global FMCG brands.

On the retail broking side, I-Sec sees a huge opportunity as the share of equities improves significantly in household savings. “From just about 1%, equities have grown to account for 6% of the household savings.

Given the size, even a 1% increase is a massive amount,” said Mr Mukherji. I-Sec already has a sizeable chunk of the online broking market. Of the 1.9 million registered online broking account holders in the country, ICICI Direct has close to one million.

“As of now, only 0.7% of India’s population is demat-enabled, which means there is a huge potential waiting to be tapped in the retail brokering segment. As the leader with one million online broking customers, we intend to capitalise on this large untapped market and expand our retail broking business,” said Mr Mukherji. He added that considering that internet broking services are turning to be a commodity, advice will be the major differentiation. The company plans to leverage its capabilities in research for this purpose.

I-Sec has inherited a sizeable retail broking business following the merger of group company ICICI Web Trade with I-Sec’s broking subsidiary. This new business unit is expected to contribute a third of the company’s revenues, with investment banking and bond trading also contributing equally. I-Sec, which is already into IPO distribution, is planning to convert the first time equity subscribers into internet account holders.


December 13, 2006

CNBC now available on a PodCast

Are you missing CNBC when you are in the office or out of your house.An easy way to get the complete CNBC on your PC!!!

Yup!!! CNBC(Asia) is now available on a Podcast.

What is PodCasting?

"A podcast is a multimedia file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers[1]. Like 'radio', it can mean both the content and the method of broadcast. The latter may also be termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.

Though podcasters' Web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of their content, a podcast is distinguished from other digital audio formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading feed formats such as RSS or Atom"

Want to know more about PodCasting,than check out the Wiki

Simple steps to get CNBC Podcast:

1. Download any player(capable of playing Podcast) from the internet like Apple iTunes

2. Go to CNBC Asia-PodCasts

3. Now,if you have iTunes installed in your PC,than just click on "Subscribe with iTunes" or click on "Subscribe to Podcasts" to get the complete listing of the podcasts under that particular category.(Click on the image to enlarge)

4. Now you are all set the listen to the Podcast of your choice.Click on "GET" to listen to a particular podcast.Experience the joy of listening to the interviews of your favourite CEO's on the internet through CNBC PodCast(Click on the image to enlarge).


December 11, 2006

Exceptional thoughts of an exceptional entrepreneur - Ram Shriram

Source :

Interview of Ram Shriram(of Sherpalo Ventures) , an early age Entrepreneur(who hit fame with Google).

Could not resist from putting at least these points on my blog.

Complete article:
Ram Shriram Interview


Inside Google with Digit,December(2006)

The December(2006) edition of the Digit magazine has a CD which has all the Google softwares.It has Google Earth, Google Talk, Picasa ........ It also has a cool stuff called as Google Gadgets.Along with the CD , you also get a booklet which gives you some insight into the World of Google. Interesting stuff, especially for Google lovers.

So, get your copy before it is too late!!!


December 10, 2006

Cairn IPO opens on Dec 11; co to be among top 25

Source : The Economic Times
Dated : 10/12/2006

Cairn India Ltd will on Monday open India's biggest ever initial public offering (IPO) that will put the company among the top 25 listed corporates ahead of the recently-listed Reliance Petroleum Ltd.

"Our issue of 328.79 million equity shares in the price band of Rs 160 to 190 opens on December 11," CIL CEO Rahul Dhir told reporters here.

Cairn will garner at least Rs 5,260 crore and a maximum of Rs 6,247 crore. If it exercises an option to retain over-subscription of up to 4.9 crore shares, the proceeds would be a minimum of Rs 6,050 crore and a maximum of Rs 7,184 crore. The issue closes on December 15.

The IPO will be bigger than NTPC's issue that garnered Rs 5,368 crore, Tata Consultancy Services' Rs 4,990 crore, ICICI's Rs 3,528 crore, Reliance Petroleum's Rs 2,790 crore and Jet Airways' Rs 1,942 crore public issues.

The IPO is 18.6 per cent of the fully diluted post-issue equity capital of Rs 176.43 crore. At the upper band, the company could touch a market capitalisation of Rs 33,500 crore, higher than RPL's Rs 29,180 crore on the BSE.

Cairn, whose Rajasthan oil discovery was the largest find in more than two decades, has already done a pre-IPO placement of 209 million shares, majority of which was picked by Petronas of Malaysia.

Dhir said Cairn plans to begin production from Mangla, Bhagyam and Aishwariya fields, the first three of the 19 discoveries in the Rajasthan block that established ultimate reserve of 3.6 billion barrels, in the first half of 2009. Initial production will be about 100,000 barrels per day, peaking to 150,000 bpd in 2010.

"The peak production will last for four years but we can keep the output at 150,000 bpd for another six years through enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project," Dhir said. He said Cairn plans to invest 1.2-billion dollar in developing the three fields in the Rajasthan block and another 150-million dollar in exploration.

The company has already tied-up a credit line of 850 million dollars and 600 million dollars from the IPO proceeds would be retained by Cairn India. Cairn Energy Plc of UK will retain 69.5 per cent in Cairn India after the IPO.

Besides the Rajasthan block, Cairn India has 22.5 per cent stake in the offshore Ravva field, which is currently producing around 50,000 barrels of oil per day. It also operates Lakshmi and Gauri oil and gas fields in Cambay basin.


Infosys finds a berth in Nasdaq-100

Source : Economic Times Network
Dated : 10/12/2006

Infosys Technologies, the country’s second biggest software services exporter, just clinched yet another unique distinction.

It became the first Indian corporate to be included in a global index when NASDAQ announced that it had chosen the company to be a part of the NASDAQ-100 Index effective market opening on Monday, December 18, 2006.

This comes at a time when Infosys is celebrating its silver jubilee anniversary. It now joins the ranks of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Intel and Yahoo which form part of the NASDAQ-100.

On the NASDAQ, the Infy scrip closed at $55.03 (up 0.7%) on Friday with volumes of 2.07 million shares although on the National Stock Exchange(NSE) in India the scrip closed lower by 1.27% at Rs 2,195.55. At the time of ranking, Infosys ADS had a market capitalisation of $5.6 billion on the NASDAQ. On the NSE Infy ended on Friday with a market capitalisation of Rs 1.21 lakh crore.Besides Infosys, the other two stocks to be added to the NASDAQ-100 include Level 3 Communications Inc and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

The NASDAQ-100 comprises of the 100 largest non financial stocks listed on the NASDAQ. Infosys, Level 3 and Vertex come in place of JDS Uniphase Corporation, Lincare Holdings Inc and Urban Outfitters Inc.

“The NASDAQ-100 Index is one of the world’s most recognised benchmarks that owes this distinction to its components-companies that are leaders in a diverse range of industries,” said John L Jacobs, executive vice-president of NASDAQ.
The inclusion of stocks into the NASDAQ-100 happens on the basis of a re-ranking exercise which is carried out each December.

“We are delighted to hear about the inclusion in the NASDAQ-100 Index. Companies like ours are helping corporates worldwide to effectively compete in a flat world,” said V Balakrishnan, CFO.

The Infosys inclusion comes after the company launched its third sponsored ADS issue which saw the floating stock increase in the international market (NASDAQ). Currently close to 20% of the Infosys stock is available on the NASDAQ.

As a part of the index, the Infy scrip will now be included in the NASDAQ-100 Index Tracking Stock, an exchange traded fund (ETF). The NASDAQ-100 along with NASDAQ Financial-100 Index were launched way back in January 1985.


Inauguration of the book "The High Performance Entrepreneur" by Mr Subroto Bagchi

It was 9th of December,2006(06:30 PM) and I was very much delighted to be present at the inauguration of the book "The High Performance Entrepreneur" by Subroto Bagchi,COO of Mindtree Consulting at the Crossword book store,Indiranagar,Bangalore.

Along with Mr Bagchi,was also present at the occasion.

Now it was a big surprise!!!Guess what,Mrs Sudha Murthy(wife of Mr Narayan Murthy) was also present to convey her best wishes to Mr Bagchi.

There was no speech by Mr Bagchi but instead there was a small movie in which he showed the interviews of the three entrepreneurs about whom he has mentioned in his book.They are
  1. V.G.Siddartha,MD of Cafe Coffee Day
  2. Captain Gopinath,MD of Air Deccan
  3. Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,MD of Biocon
They shared their experiences as an entrepreneur and also the various problems they encountered(in the process of being an entrepreneur), before they became successful(no one is very successful).

A small conversation with Mr Bagchi:

My Question:

How does a person decide when to start?
I think you are still 32/33(I laugh -:) I am only 26...He apologizes) , "As you might have read the first chapter in my book which mentions the same thing.It is your inner gut feeling which would tell you that it is the right time to start.But your vision should not be short sighted but you should strive to build a successful organization".
"Entrepreneurs not only create wealth for themselves but also create jobs,which in turn contribute to the Indian Economy"

My Question:
"I have very few friends and if you see all the great organizations(eg. Google,Infosys,Microsoft etc) have been founded by a group of people(mainly friends).So,can a single person be successful to create a great organization"?
Laughs......"Yes,what you have told is correct.Most of the successful organizations have been built by people(but not friends) , who come from different domains(eg Technical,Finance,Management etc) and which will help you to make a great team and would help to grow your organization to greater heights."
Just like you , I also have very few friends and it is not these friends who would help you to build a great organization.I dont go to bars,dont play golf,dont go to parties.Hence,I have less friends but I have a big friend circle in the business domain.These are the friends(who come from the same field) with whom you can team and start your organization.


December 9, 2006

CNBC - India Business Leader Of the Year

The "India Business Leader Of the Year" awards is a celebration of Indian entrepreneurship.It is one of the most premier honor for India's business leaders.

The winners in different categories are given below:

The CNBC-TV18 Outstanding Business Leader of the Year
KV Kamath, MD & CEO, ICICI Bank
The CNBC-TV18 Indian Businesswoman of the Year
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman & MD, Biocon
The First Generation Entrepreneur of the Year
Kishore Biyani, MD, Pantaloon Retail
The Indian Global Achiever Award
Lakshmi Mittal,Chairman Mittal Steel
Lifetime Achievement Award
NR Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor, Infosys
Social Enterprise of the Year
Elaben Bhatt, Founder , SEWA
Most Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Indian Business
M Damodaran, Chairman, SEBI
Most Promising Entrant into the Big League
Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon Energy
The India Business Leader of the Year
Anand Mahindra, VC & MD, M&M
India Innovator of the Year
Uday Kotak, VC & MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank
The India Corporate Citizen of the Year
Cipla India
The Talent Management Award
Ranbaxy Laboratories


UTV acquires stakes in UK co, Indiagames for Rs 128 cr

Source : The Economic Times
Dated : 09/12/2006

UTV Software Communications, the production and entertainment company, is now making strides into gaming and has acquired a controlling stake in Ignition Entertainment (Ignition) — UK-based console gaming company — and in Indiagames a mobile and broadband gaming company in India, for Rs 128 crore.

UTV’s acquisition of 51% equity stake in Indiagames, known as the largest gaming company in India, for Rs 68 crore, will make it one the largest players in the local gaming space. Indiagames reported an annual revenue of around $5 million for the last fiscal and houses close to 270 employees.

In the other deal, UTV bought 70% equity stake in the UK-based Ignition for around Rs 60 crore. The revenue of this 100-employee strong company is expected to be about $15 million for the calendar year ending December 2006.

When contacted, UTV CEO Ronnie Screwvala confirmed the development. “The acquisition comes with UTV’s interest in expanding its operations in game development, publishing and distribution across mobile, online and console platforms world-wide and the capability to create IP’s in all forms of content, including live Action and animation,” he said.

Mr Screwvala also said that UTV would invest Rs 135 crore in the development of animation movies over the next three years and at least three animation titles are expected from UTV’s motion picture slate by 2009.

With the acquisition of controlling interests in Indiagames in India and Ignition in the UK, UTV plans to capture world markets and intends building efficiencies through cross synergies in game acquisition for global markets.

The company will also derive cost efficiencies using India as a base for game development processes, using distribution strengths and relationships to market products better world-wide.

Indiagames is currently involved with mobile game development, in publishing and distribution across 67 countries, through 80 telecom partners like Vodafone, Verizon, Hutch and Airtel. It recently forayed into PC games distributed online through broadband ISPs like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel and VSNL.

Indiagames founder Vishal Gondal will continue to head the company and evolve synergies with other UTV businesses in the creation of cutting-edge games.

Ignition has strong relationships with hardware manufacturers, game developers and distributors such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, SNK, Konami, Atari, Virgin and Wal Mart. That apart, Ignition is also in the process of developing a top-end game “WarDevil”, budgeted at around Rs 80 crore and is expected to release it in 2008 exclusively on the Sony Playstation3 (PS3) platform.

PS3 was launched in November 2006 in Japan and the US and is expected to sell more than 30 million units by the end of 2008. Earlier this year, UTV had announced its co-production with Will Smith’s Overbrook to make an animation production.


December 7, 2006

ByIndia Offers Search in 5 Indian Languages

Source : CNBC Tech Blog

Indian search engine and online social network,, has announced that it will allow users to search and network in five Indian languages from January 1, 2007.The site will offer search and text menus in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali, allowing Indian users to bid for online auctions, blog, create personal pages, browse classified ads, or post and view video clips in these languages.

The portal hopes to drive traffic to its pages and gain market share among Indian Internet users with better accessibility, via the Indian regional language support.

ByIndia, owned by Web2Corp, has been trying to establish itself as a 'Super Centre Website' that offers a wide array of web based services to internet surfers, with a special focus on local content. William Mobley, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Web2Corp says, ",,, and are all titans of the internet right now because they are powerful applications that provide users with what they want.

We believe that web users of all levels want a single destination to handle all of their internet needs. While does that somewhat, offers its visitors a more focused experience that's targeted to produce results that are more useful to people living in India. It promotes the growth of an active, self-sustaining community online. has been built with all of these features directories, classifieds, jobs, social networking, media/video, auctions, and blogs from the ground up. It's not patched together. It's all in one place. It's the web, made simple.

"ByIndia is currently ranked No. 3 among Indian-run search engines, by The portal, which claims to be India's first search engine, was re launched a month ago, as a social networking site and search engine.


December 6, 2006

Ask Launches City-wise Search Engine

Source : CNET News

Search engine will unveil a new local, region-wise search service, to allow users to find maps, directions, businesses, events and movies, through a new interface., is designed to integrate data from other Websites owned by parent company, InterActiveCorp (IAC), to give its users, access services such, TicketMaster, ReserveAmerica, ServiceMaster and, for all US cities. The Askcity team plans to make the product international in 2007.

Askcity enables Us citizens to narrow their searches by neighborhood, street name or zip code, as well find relevant information and phone numbers. Users will also be able to plot out routes to multiple destinations, make annotations directly on the map, save it and e-mail to others.

The search site will eventually integrate data from other IAC properties such as Evite, and, and The group also plans to bring the service to mobile devices in the near future.


First-time Entrepreneurs: The Litmus Test

Source : Rajesh Setty's Blog (CEO of Suggestica)

The complete article can be found on Rajesh Setty's Blog

Some excerpts from the article are given below:

Every entrepreneur was a first-time entrepreneur once. So, it seems odd but its true that support for first-time entrepreneurs is not that great. One reason is simply that odds are not in the favor of first-time entrepreneurs.

There is another problem though that often gets overlooked. First-time entrepreneurs sometimes can get into "fantasy" mode. Without proper guidance, they can go off on a wild-goose chase and think that they are working VERY hard on their idea but because of <add something like economy, market conditions, outsourcing, luck etc.> they are not going anywhere.

Some of the interesting points from this article(along with my comments) are given below:

Here is what they say: I am just waiting for a cool idea. Everything else is ready.
What they might actually mean: I am not ready yet.
Rajesh's $.02: Don't wait for the "best" idea. There is usually none. Instead focus on building a great team that can execute.
My $.02:Everyone of us have a good idea but only issue is when should we execute the idea.As pointed out in "The high Performance Entrepreneur by Mr Subroto Bagchi" ,only our gut feeling tells us when we want to execute our plan and start our venture.

Here is what they say: We had a great meeting with the VCs
What they might actually mean: VCs are in love with their company and soon we will be discussing the term sheets.
Rajesh's $.02: Unless the money is in the bank, the money is not in the bank. Most of the times you will have a "great" meeting with the VCs even when they think the idea is crap. So don't read much into how they made you feel at the end of the meeting. What actions they take after the meeting is what determines whether it was really a "great" meeting.
My $.02:When is the right time to meet a VC.If a VC is willing to invest money in your venture at the start,than you will be driven by the VC.On the other hand,once your startup is in a good shape,VCs would run behind you to invest money in your venture :-)


December 5, 2006

'Being an entrepreneur is not wearing a fashionable shirt' - Entrepreneur 2 win

Source :

Bit lengthy but an interesting read from Paagalguy

Contest2win Founder and CEO Alok Kejriwal
joined his father's profitable textile business, expanded it and then left it only to start all over again to build India’s first ever contest portal. In a conversation with, Alok Kejriwal divulges more about Contest2win, founding successful companies, venture capital funding and more.

You come from a background in textiles. How and when did the idea of an online contest portal come to you?

There were startling differences between the old world economies the brick and mortar, which had a regulatory framework around it and the new age business culture. The old economy had for example licenses, labour policies, lockouts, and strikes. It didn’t make any sense for a new age Indian who wanted to start something afresh with so much of corruption, bureaucracy prevalent in the traditional business model. I loved the business but I didn’t quite like the environment in which the business was conducted, whereas the Internet business was the exact opposite of the conventional business models. There was no licensing, no questions asked and there was complete freedom. One could deliver what he or she wanted to do. The inspiration came from breaking away from the brick and mortar to the virtual world.

Honestly, the Marwari family business system also dismayed me. Like any other family business system the decisions flowed from the top, my dad would do whatever he felt was right and everyone had to follow him. In short, there was no appetite for ambition. The whole system was very hierarchical and the rebel in me completely refused to go on with this kind of functioning. At that time the Internet was the best thing that was happening. It was the web 1.0 era, the time when Sabeer Bhatia had unleashed and at that point everything seemed to fall into place for me. Therefore I decided to take up something involved with the Internet.

Once I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Internet, the business plan came around. Brands always spend money and they are in the business of spending money because they want to attract customers. So if I become a part of the brand spend then I knew I was on the right track.
I have always seen contesting run in India but the problem was in the method used which was cumbersome. Individuals had to cut competition slips out of paper, fill them, then put their post box number and post it. According to me any business is born when you can identify a gap and are able to fill that gap; there has to be a consumer requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Thus this was also a consumer need but I decided to innovate with it by making it digital. Thus the idea of contest2win was born.

When you started out your revenue model was completely different from what it is currently? How did you build upon your revenue streams?

I will answer your question in two parts. I would like to quote what Mr Marc Andreessen said when he launched Netscape. He said, ‘it is free but it’s not free’. Whenever I was attaching or tagging myself to brand media campaigns, I was actually getting multiples of the money I would have otherwise got. The web page would cost Rs 20,000 to make but I would be carrying approximately 10 to 20 crores of advertising on my site. I was earning enough virtually as my brand was built for absolutely nothing. In my mind I had a clear target that the day we reach 10,000,000 users I will shut the free advertising model and move on to a paid model because by then I will have a community to whom I could recycle the contest to.
The day we reached our milestone we informed all our clients about the new model. The transition was from one value to other, we did not subtract any value but what we did was we notified our clients not to carry us in their advertising campaigns but pay us for being on the portal. The brand owners acknowledged the fact that we had become smart, nevertheless at the same time they agreed to work with us on our new model.

What was your big idea with respect to your other ventures, and

Like all businesses we also wanted to grow and expand. One of the lucky events in our life was that we got funding from Softbank. Softbank Capital is one of the largest venture capital firms in the world. As a matter of fact we broke-even within three months of funding and that shocked our VCs. According to them we were a weird company, as most VCs were losing money in dotcom ventures. Here not only had we recovered our initial investment but also started earning good amount of profit. After our initial success they then offered us to come to China where they asked us to replicate the earlier business model.

Honestly our first step to go outside India came to us because of our partners. I would like to mention this is one reason why VCs are important; they are like a window to the world. We alone can do only little but the VCs are trotting all over the globe, hence we get an opportunity to view the actual world through them. Thus China happened but the learning out of the experience was we were late in entering China. I would say late because the Internet bubble had already exploded in China, so we had a situation where either we existed in the services business by making websites, hosting websites or doing something related to that field. Therefore when we saw a large opportunity in mobiles in China we created a company called There was another VC called Siemens mobile who wanted to invest in a non-dotcom venture.

The aspect highlighted here is adaptability, one has to adapt to the changing environment. One can’t get stuck with a particular notion that I’m a dotcom company and I can’t do mobile or anything else.

Then in 2004 I began to realize another interesting scenario, wherein all my existing clients really appreciated my contests and our creativity but they felt they needed something other than typical advertising in terms of reach. An ad film can be very beautiful but if it is not presented well then it has no impact, so the perception and impression I got from my clients helped me create a media and creative solution company. I did not have media professionals in my company so I hired another entrepreneur called Kay Kay and I told him lets create a media company, which will only buy media for clients and the creative will be handled by us because that something you shouldn’t burden yourself with. The best part of our business was finally we realized that clients wanted to do more than contesting. Now companies not only wanted us to design their contests but they also wanted us to do branding and lead management for them. The relationship was so pure and unadulterated that we would be punishing ourselves by not doing all this.

Since one year I have been observing the youth and I feel the young male or females are very interactive in nature. They are living in a culture of Internet, mobility and gaming. Gaming because it gives you a sense of instant gratification, as one can win or lose. I grew up reading books and novels but I don’t think any youngster even reads the newspaper today. I realized that gaming is slowly becoming one of the biggest entertainment formats in the country. So we decided to get into the gaming business and we formed

When according to you is the right time to seek VC funding for one's venture? How do things change when a VC comes in?

According to me for any entrepreneur any time is the right time. If your VC is ready to give you money then take it, it’s always a good feeling of money in the bank. An entrepreneur is a person who will build 100 companies in a lifetime. He doesn’t have to worry about issues like equity, stake, did I dilute too fast? There are many other ventures one can venture into to make up for that one mistake you must have committed. I believe the experience of building a company with external money is very demanding so don’t wait too long and be prepared for VC funding.

As far as ones creativity getting hampered due to VC funding, it is completely false. VCs play a very important operating role from company's perspective and not from the viewpoint of the business. They can guide you regarding various business models; I agree at times there are some interfering VCs who don’t allow you to do what you want to do. So I would advise entrepreneurs that the way a VC does due diligence on an entrepreneur, the entrepreneur also has to be attentive on what the VC is capable of. I ask my VCs can you give me ten names of companies I can approach in order to talk to the CEO and find out whether you are as good as you claim to be. If a VC has a right to question and examine, you also definitely have the same privilege.

Basically VCs are interested in multiplying their money so as long as they know your working and performing they won’t interfere. They are not interested in ruining any company because at the end it’s their money after all.

Definitely things do change when a VC comes, one has to learn corporate discipline you cannot run your shop just like your own fiefdom. One has to be very careful and alert because it's institutional money, the VCs are answerable to a lot of other people. All this really makes you aware of the corporate theme and commercial side of life. Ultimately it’s all about profitability and money, sometimes a sensitive entrepreneur can get slightly disturbed as he maybe in love with his business but not in love with money making and in that case a VC can distort that perspective.

Therefore the point to be kept in mind here is that there is always going to be a conflict of interest between the VC and the entrepreneur . Thus one should be prepared for a conflict in terms of ideas and interest. An entrepreneur should always be open to the idea of VCs coming and being a part of their business.

Even in my presentations nowadays, believe it or not, my last line is ‘who will we sell this company to?’ Hence the entrepreneur is already saying I will sell my company to someone and here are the suitors that are fine for you, it’s actually a paradox now as we are already prepared for external funding before any VC approachs us.

What was the reason behind selling your stakes in the China division of mobile2win to US-based Walt Disney Internet Group even though it was a profitable venture?

Very good question! There are two reasons to it, firstly it's like a relay race, a company and entrepreneur can run up to 400 meters, then you need to give the baton to someone else. That is because the scale changes, China as a market has become so expensive and competitive that to compete we would require huge amounts of money and more than money I don’t think we had the next level of wherewithal to take mobile2win to the glory that it will go to with Disney. We could have still subsisted on a particular level but if you want to go from 10,000 to 30,000 you have got to let the stronger player take over.

The second and most important thing is money; we are all here to make money. We got money back home, gave dividend out and shared the profits with our employees. Some of my team members are working with me since seven years, right from the day we started the company. So now they see money coming into the bank they are inspiring the others to stay on also. Hence its a great motivator, you have got to go and tell people, “look I had the will to build a company from scratch on an idea and take it to a market so hostile like China make it a profitable business and sell it to a company like Disney”. There is a story there and that is how you start few more of your other ventures.

You have made your presence felt in India and China, which other countries do you plan to start shop in? What is your future plans with respect to all your ventures? Are there any new endeavors in the pipeline?

It’s only India for me! The Indian market is buzzing right now and I think it will be foolish on my part to not look at this place. We have the youngest population; the most literate to be and going to be one of the most spendthrift. We have been in this space for the last eight years so we have seen the worst of the trade so why should we not enjoy the best of it? Currently we are focusing only on our existing three companies because we have got our hands, mouth, teeth all tied up, We can’t set ourselves beyond this so this is it.

But we definitely plan to take these three companies to the next level. Professionals run each of the companies, I run games2win, two other gentlemen run contest2win and media2win. They both have their independent business plans and they will fund themselves to move ahead. They will grow to whatever destiny they have to grow and exit when they have to exit.

ICICI was your initial lender. What kind of relationship do you share with them?

ICICI is still a part of the private equity at contest2win. The experience with ICICI has been a great experience. Look at the way ICICI has grown and evolved and what Mr KV Kamath has done to get where ICICI is today. To be a part of the investees of that company is matter of great privilege and learning. They have taught so much about entrepreneurship that we have learnt from them. They also provided us with a very solid backing in terms of funds and credibility. If a company in India is funded by ICICI it connotes a very positive effect on ones image.

The other important thing is to pass the rigor of ICICI because it doesn’t touch anything and everything. Thus when we passed their rigor of evaluation we knew we were up to something right.

What is the organizational culture you practice? What are the qualities you judge before hiring?

The culture is very transparent and we follow an open door policy but if there is one word to describe the feature of the group it is transparency. There are no rooms, cabins and there is just one meeting cum conference room. It begins by saying there is no hidden agenda. Whenever I go for vacation I give my mobile phone to my colleagues and my email is directed to my CFO. The CEO has absolutely nothing to hide, he is not hiding any mails or SMSs or any phone calls. It starts from there. Whatever we do with our clients it is documented and opened out. Even if we have a problem we go and inform our clients about the problem.

One most important thing in the DNA of this organization is the entrepreneurial dream. We want individuals to become entrepreneurs here, we want individuals to come with ideas and tell us they want to do something big. We will probably fund it or make it happen for them. I think a lot of young people are very driven and they have lot of talent. But they want to think, they want mentorship because they need a mentor and they do not want to lose out on a lifestyle. One can’t be punished because he or she is an entrepreneur so you can make your lifestyle comfortable not like a maharaja but at the same time given the upside that you can do your work.

As far as hiring is concerned I think I am the world’s weirdest interviewer. Unfortunately I have not had a formal training and I have worked in my family business thus never had a job before so I never knew how an organization culture was supposed to be. Therefore for a long time I used to feel a deficiency but now when I look in someone’s eyes and I find that streak of passion that’s all I want. For example an individual has a background in HR but he wants the job in marketing but if he has the passion I will give him that job. I am all for passion and committment.

If risk taking ability is a given, what according to you are the top prerequisites one should have to be an entrepreneur?

First and foremost one should to become an entrepreneur for the sake of creating a real business not because it’s fashionable to be an entrepreneur. I’m getting a feeling that nowadays it’s a fad among youngsters to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not wearing a fashionable shirt. In fact it’s the toughest job on the planet. Individuals have no background and no financial backing; one is literally surviving for oneself. One is working hardest among all professionals and one doesn’t know if they are going to be successful in what they doing. In today’s age and time every year that gets added up to your age and you don’t have job that takes a toll. Later when you go out you are lost because you are not learning any skill, you are being the entrepreneur.

I had recently been to an entrepreneurial meet wherein a VC was throwing away some ideas in the public and few of the entrepreneurs got motivated by all that and built a business plan around it. I questioned them,” would you be the consumer of the business you are creating?

I always question people, “Will you ever buy paan on the net? Then why sell paan on the web. The pleasure of eating a paan is by going to a paanwala and eating it along with the age-old mannerisms. Thus like I stated before one needs to answer a basic question ‘will you be the consumer of the business you created?’

The third important thing is one should be ready to die. If one is ready to die and to be reborn only then take the plunge. If one is scared, actually putting it optimistically there are a lot of people who need to build a comfort level and a background to take that plunge. There is no hurry, it’s not a 100-meter race thus one needs to relax and take their time before jumping into anything. Mr Dhirubhai Ambani started Reliance in his forties so I believe one is never too old to become an entrepreneur.

Do feel an MBA degree is important to be an entrepreneur?

According to me any kind of education is important and useful. But one should know how to use it moderately and adapt to the changing environment. Honestly I regret not doing an MBA. I consider an MBA degree of immense value; especially if an MBA is powered by a certain amount of work experience this becomes a very powerful combination. Education is always welcome and constructive and that's why it can never be questioned. Three years ago even I use to feel MBA is not imperative but I have retracted now. Knowledge is always of use and the earlier got the better.


December 4, 2006

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit

Celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship with TiE Entrepreneurship Summit.The event will be held in Mumbai,December 17-19,2006


December 3, 2006

Bar Camp Day2 Post Lunch Session 2 : Pair Programming and Test Driven Development

Speaker : Maha,Thoughtworks

It was on pair programming and Test Driven Development(TDD).A live demo was shown using JUnit.

The advantage point of view is that "You are fully comitted towards your job and you dont take personal calls,dont chat etc"

There had many scenarios on which test cases were built:

Scenario 1:
We should be able to put money into the wallet
--->Test cases were generated using this test case.Also,just for checking the functionality , neagtive money was put into the wallet(Damn,Is this possible?)

Scenario 2:
As a wallet owner , you would like to take out money from the wallet
--->Test case was developed for this scenario
--->Now what happens,if you try to take out more money from the wallet than what you have?

Scenario 3:
As a account owner , I would like to draw more money from the account than what I have?
--->This is in contrast with the test case 2 hence revamp of the existing code :-)

Scenario 4:
As an account owner,I should be notified through email when I overdraw my money
--->This means every owner has an account associated with him.
--->Create a new method to notify the owner of the account,through email

Test Driven Development:
  1. Written test first
  2. Tests should fail and fail fast
  3. Tests protect functionality
  4. Test encourages fearless refactoring
  5. Test First Development(TFD) forces you to design well
  6. RDD improves design
  7. TDD supports evolutionary design
  8. Need driven development
Pair Programming:
  1. Ping Pong Programming
  2. Brain Storming
  3. Ongoing code review
  4. Driver thinks tactically and navigator strategically
  5. Two people are more pragmatic than one
  6. Knowledge sharing between pairs


Bar Camp Day 2 Post Lunch Session 1 : How to Create you own YourTube

Speaker : Pradeep B V

Now to create your own youtube

This can be done using FFMPEG player

Important Features:
  1. Upload Video/Tages
  2. Embed flash video into the container
  3. Put into an html file
  4. Add a tag-Cloud/search/hot or not features
  5. Serve the html/flash container
For more information you can go to


Bar Camp Day 2 Lunch Break : An Interesting Conversation

(Sorry for this Non-Technical Stuff on my blog...But do read this one)

Was just reading some technical stuff along with some blogging(as usual).Suddenly a senior person named "Hari" asked me "whether I work in Thoughtworks and my answer was no.He asked me about my job and stuff like that.

I told him about my work and he was pretty much impressed about it.He asked me "Whether I was there in this field since the beginning".Since he was not feeling bored,I asked him "Should I tell how I landed up Bangalore and my background".

I told him about film city and the work that I did there in game shows.Told him about Siddarth Basu and what a great director he is.I also told him about my dreams and how I want to progress in life,my dreams and desires.

I also told him that few years down the line "I want to direct a movie which would be on my life with a slight twist"(This is required if you want to get a reasonable audience).

I told him about my love for Blogging,Software,Building a venture and at the same time,script my life in a movie"

He was pretty impressed and congratulate me "Wishing me all the best for my Career , Venture and also my own movie"

I hope that this way "A Network is created and I get mature audience to my blog as well as my movie( when it comes in the future -:) )

(My Inital Video would be uploaded on youtube....Look forward to see more visitors there)


Bar Camp Day 2 Session 2: Video Compression demystified

Speaker : Arpit Agarwal, Ittiam

This is introduction to MPEG,WMV,H.264

Why compression:
  1. Bandwidth Constraint
  2. Space Constraint
Basic Idea:

Human eye models:
  1. Low pass filter
  2. Brain fills in the sharpness
The best compression method is "H.264"

Lots of discussions happened and it was all general.Hence nothing much updated.


Bar Camp Day 2 Session 1 : IT Swami! Your Bangalore on the net!!!

Speaker : Aashish Solanki

YBangalore non-profit site which is started by two engineering students.The parent company is Yulop

Why YBangalore:
  1. Concept
  2. Implementation
  3. Target Audience
  4. Ad Free
What is next at YBangalore:
  1. Revamp Design
  2. Associate Designs and Brands
  3. Stay AD Free as long as possible
  4. Live Radio BroadCast
  5. Web Logs - WiKi podcasting
But the debate was "Can this sustain for a longer period of time" since , it is completely non-profit.

Next Venture : see2get

This will be launched very soon

The idea is "80-90% of the people dont come back to a site is because of a bad GUI"

How important is a user in WEB2.0:
  1. Agility and attention
  2. Usability and attention
  3. Freshness and Quality
  4. Ads or Nuisance?
Pillars of Web 2.0:
  1. GUI Perspective
  2. Functionality Perspective
  3. Response Prespective
  4. Developer Prespective
Final idea is "Content is the king"


Asian Blogosphere Expands

Source :

A recent research for Windows Live Spaces revealed that blogging is a very important activity for Asians online. Nearly half of the Asians online have a blog of their own, out of which, 41percent spend more than three hours a week blogging.

The survey also showed that Indian men were more active bloggers, as opposed to the rest of Asia, where youngsters and women take the lead. While more than 50 percent Asian bloggers believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media, 74 percent of Asians online, find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting.

Alex Stewart, Director of Microsoft's Online Services Business, Asia Pacific "User created content and community based online services are really propelling the Internet in Asia right now. With the introduction of easy to use services such as Windows Live Spaces, blogging has moved into the mainstream and become a popular way for people to stay in touch with family and friends. Today, instead of sending out mass emails or holiday letters, people are using their blogs to express themselves".

Blogs are also gaining popularity as a means for obtaining updated news on the Net. While websites take time to catch on, news blogs are the first to provide up-to-date information, even though it may not always be accurate.

The research shows that blogging is a social phenomenon with Asians and that blogging is seen a means to maintain and build social connections and self expression. Blogging as a corporate or business tool is still at a nascent stage in the Asian market, with little interest from consumers in blogs from business or political leaders.


December 2, 2006

Bar Camp Post Lunch Session 4 : you In?

Speaker : Kavita , MingleBox

The young people spend more time on the internet rather than watching 9:00 soaps!!!Minglebox was launched 3 months back.People feel that MingleBox is more safer and Indian as compared to Orkut.

  1. Orkut --> Have a large audience but it has a colorless application oriented platform
  2. MySpace
  3. Hi5
  4. Yaari
  5. Jhoom
  6. Fropper
There is a group on MigleBox called "Bangalore" where people party,go for movies etc.The intented audience is college going guyz(and this is very difficult to answer).The answer is not how different is but "Is there an intented audience?".

Technology and UI are one of the main focus areas so that "Improvement in small steps would lead to a big improvement over a period of time".Currently,a 25 member team and looking out for more.Live demo on "Scrambled Scrapping" which enables Private Scrapping.


Bar Camp Post Lunch Session 3 : Card Walls v/s Competitive Dancing

Speaker : Deven Tolia,Thoughtworks

There was a small demo about a dance where a small mistake happened.Deven tried to co-relate this with work.In case of dance,it is very important that you have a smile on your face.Same is the case with working in a company since,no one likes a person who comes to the office with a dull face.

Also,the other part is that "We should learn from our mistakes".In case of dance,synchronization is very important.Hence,if is a slight mismatch in the dance than people have to cover it up so that all the dancers are in sync.Same is the case with work since,if one person is not in sync with the team than there would be a delay in the delieverables to the customer.Since "CUSTOMER IS GOD!!!" (or should I say "Treat the customer like God"


Bar Camp Post Lunch Session 2: Winning with Web 2.0 in the flat world

Speaker : Srinivas Yelandur

Some new terminologies to me!!!!Still would try to list down something.

Web 2.0 is a broad set of concepts that can be broken down into three anchor points.It is a web oriented architecture.Future is Office 2.0!!!It is same as Web 1.0 but the only difference is that it has a collective intelligence.

Attributes of Web 2.0:
  • User Centered - Wkipedia , Delicious , Google Maps , Google
  • Open - Open services , Open technology foundation , Open IP , Open business packets
  • Simple and Lightweight - Simplicity in design , Lightweight protocols , Lightweight UI technology , Lightweight development process
  • Decentralized, Distributed and Participatory : Content is distributed as RSS and Atom.


Bar Camp Post Lunch Session 1 : for Startups)

Speaker : Kiruba Shankar

(Create,Collabarate and Innovate)

This talk was about

It is a place where 30 Startups would be chosen,they should be having a working prototype(Hence,called as Proto) along with 25 VCs."

Spoke about MeraVideo which just has one shell script(which can be downloaded from the net) but hey, it will soon get VC funding.

This event is also meant for the wanna be entrepreneurs.
"Imagine your product crashes when you showing a demo."

Sun microsystems offers 40% to the start ups.


Bar Camp Day1 : Lunch Session

While having lunch met a Project Manager from Thoughtworks Marco Jansen.An iteresting conversation went on between us.

I was amazed to hear from him about the culture that they follow in Thoughtworks.I just came to know from him that there are no cubicles in Thoughtworks!!!The reason for doing this only better communication betwen the team members.

And the best part is


Bar Camp Session 4 : Innovation in large IT services company

Speaker : Aditya Mishra,TCS

I had met him at Blog Camp in Mumbai.This guy knows about the business very well.

He spoke about some of the innovation at the TCS Innovation Labs.

How can be innovate at a Services Based Company

  1. Add new features
  2. Innovation on the delivery model
  3. Enhance offerings->New technologies
  4. Innovation in 3 areas a. Cost b. Flexibility c. Revenue
  5. Simplify the existing stuff.Question the things that are proven and check to see if you can improve on that front
Some inputs from the audience:
Disruptive Innovation:CDs over video tapes

Question unanswered : SHOULD SERVICES BE CALLED AS

If you get an answer to this question,do leave your comment.

I am heading for lunch since there are very interesting talks after lunch.


Bar Camp Session 3: How Innovators Connect

Session by Rohit Agarwal , the CEO of TechTribe

Author of "How Innovators Connect" along with Patricia Brown.The Book contains the story of Entrepreneurs and story about them.People cannot learn more from books but by interacting with different people.To be innovative , you can also be Imitator( is an imitation of"Ideas dont mean anything".

His saying : "Every Indian is an Innovator"."Every Entrepreneur connect with themselves".Connect with themselves : Jan Baan and Manoj Saxena.

Connect with
  1. Themselves (Jan Baan and Manoj Saxena).When do you when you are ready top start.
  2. Fear (Rajiv Samant and MR Rangaswami).Get over the fear of failure
  3. Failure (Desh Deshpande and Dan Harden).Failure is a learning curve.Failure is in our heads.Desh Deshpande sold his first company for $26.This is when he had put all his savings and he had two kids.But soon after that,he started his next venture.
  4. Environment (Ganesh Natarajan and Tom Erickson)
  5. Team (Manoj Saxena and Tom Erickson).No Silicon Valley venture was started by a single person!!! "Dont Hire people search for Co-Founders"
  6. Customers (Mark Hoffman andd Phaneesh Murthy).Accept crticism from people and improve from those comments
  7. Money (David Skok and Mark Hoffman).There is immense for VC money in India.Do you have passion and do you have drive,than the VC money will be easy
  8. Ego - I cannot have my ego takeover
When you start a company,go with your gut and listen to the universe.Environment is always correct
Immitation is the best form of Innovation
Ideas never get stolen-->Implementation of idea is important.Share ideas with people whom you trust
Can I convince two people to put money in your venture(which is not so simple,as you think)
Take negative feedback and improve that feedback
Every idea starts with "No" says