December 29, 2006

Bangalore To Create A Buzz in Nanotechnology

Source : The Smart Techie
Dated : 28/12/2006

The Karnataka government is looking to boost the nanotechnology sector by hosting an event called Bangalore Nano in December 2007. The plan is to provide a platform for that would bring together leading speakers, start-ups in nanotechnology companies and the venture capital (VC) community.?

We are trying to bring all these players on a single platform to encourage entrepreneurs in the nanotechnology segment,? said State IT & BT secretary M. N. Vidyashankar. He also informed that there are few nanotechnology companies and has an opportunity to become a booming sector.

Nanotechnology is applicable across diverse sectors from IT, BT and machine tool industry. Plans like setting up a nanotechnology incubation center are in the pipeline. The proposed location is 10,000-acre knowledge city based in the outskirts of Bangalore. This knowledge city to be developed under a public-private partnership model is to be finalized by March 2007.

With the focus on the nanotechnology meet the state government has plans to introduce numerous changes to its annual IT and biotechnology events. Vidyashankar said that, as these meets are of international stature, they have already announced the dates for 2007 and 2008.

Firstly it is looking to change the regular events by adding more content and conferences. 2006 had its own crowd-puller in the IP zone, where numerous companies showcased its product development activity.

The state government has already come out with the tenders for hosting next year?s IT event and similar the case of Bangalore Bio. For 2005-06, it had registered exports of Rs. 37,600 crore and is all set to cross Rs. 50,000 crore during the current fiscal.



At Dec 30, 2006, 5:31:00 PM , Anonymous Hiral Shah said...

As I have studied Electronics & Communication Engg. At that time I always read either Chip designing or at telecom magazines, and that’s why I always came across that new era will be like on Nanotechnology, today after reading this article again I recalled my college days and seeing that; that time started about “To Create A Buzz in Nanotechnology”

-Hiral Shah

At Dec 31, 2006, 2:14:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Hiral,
As you know practical is different from theory.Thats true this is a very interesting field and we can imagine some path breaking things happening in the future.

Also,this is a win for Bangalore and hence a win for India.There are many services companies in India but now with the advent of such companies,it would attract more talent.

I read an article in "Winning-the answers" by Jack Welch where he had mentioned "Outsourcing to countries like India and China cannot be avoided but it should be utilized by other countries like US and UK to attract more people there(so that the talentpool remains there) may be by giving green card to them(instead of keeping them on an H1B visa).This will give them some sense of security.



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