December 10, 2006

Inauguration of the book "The High Performance Entrepreneur" by Mr Subroto Bagchi

It was 9th of December,2006(06:30 PM) and I was very much delighted to be present at the inauguration of the book "The High Performance Entrepreneur" by Subroto Bagchi,COO of Mindtree Consulting at the Crossword book store,Indiranagar,Bangalore.

Along with Mr Bagchi,was also present at the occasion.

Now it was a big surprise!!!Guess what,Mrs Sudha Murthy(wife of Mr Narayan Murthy) was also present to convey her best wishes to Mr Bagchi.

There was no speech by Mr Bagchi but instead there was a small movie in which he showed the interviews of the three entrepreneurs about whom he has mentioned in his book.They are
  1. V.G.Siddartha,MD of Cafe Coffee Day
  2. Captain Gopinath,MD of Air Deccan
  3. Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,MD of Biocon
They shared their experiences as an entrepreneur and also the various problems they encountered(in the process of being an entrepreneur), before they became successful(no one is very successful).

A small conversation with Mr Bagchi:

My Question:

How does a person decide when to start?
I think you are still 32/33(I laugh -:) I am only 26...He apologizes) , "As you might have read the first chapter in my book which mentions the same thing.It is your inner gut feeling which would tell you that it is the right time to start.But your vision should not be short sighted but you should strive to build a successful organization".
"Entrepreneurs not only create wealth for themselves but also create jobs,which in turn contribute to the Indian Economy"

My Question:
"I have very few friends and if you see all the great organizations(eg. Google,Infosys,Microsoft etc) have been founded by a group of people(mainly friends).So,can a single person be successful to create a great organization"?
Laughs......"Yes,what you have told is correct.Most of the successful organizations have been built by people(but not friends) , who come from different domains(eg Technical,Finance,Management etc) and which will help you to make a great team and would help to grow your organization to greater heights."
Just like you , I also have very few friends and it is not these friends who would help you to build a great organization.I dont go to bars,dont play golf,dont go to parties.Hence,I have less friends but I have a big friend circle in the business domain.These are the friends(who come from the same field) with whom you can team and start your organization.



At Dec 11, 2006, 11:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ... i missed it. Thanks for the information update.

At Dec 12, 2006, 12:04:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Yes,It was nice speaking to Mr Bagchi.

At Dec 12, 2006, 9:41:00 AM , Anonymous hiral shah said...

Hi, Himanshu, it was 9th December, you have mentioned here as 10th december....yes, i liked to be there for that book Inaugration.


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