June 26, 2009

How valuable is Re. 1 ?

Have you ever tried conversing with a small bakery owner about his expenses & his approximate savings at the end of the day ? If you haven't than better try it out biggrin The conversation would teach how a single rupee becomes thousand rupees at the end of the day. Though small bakeries sell cold drinks, juice, other eatables; chai[aka tea] is what yields them the maximum returns[Rs . 2 profit on a single cup of Rs. 3] which shows that it is all a QUANTITY GAME !!! The current issue of Dare contains an interesting list [shown below] of things which retail for Re. 1 or less
  1. Matches
  2. Confectionaries - Toffees, Gums ...
  3. A glass of water at roadside vendors
  4. Stationary - Erasers, Sharpners
  5. A phone call
  6. Kites
  7. Shampoo Sachets
  8. Vegetables - Coriander, Lemons etc.
  9. Candles
  10. Paper cups/ plates
  11. Stamps/Postcards
  12. Use of roadside weighing machines
  13. Photocopying
  14. Some medicines
  15. Waste paper
  16. Balloons
  17. Golguppas
  18. Bindis
  19. Stickers
  20. Greeting Cards
  21. Holograms when bought in bulk
  22. Screen printing in bulk
  23. White paper sheets
  24. One mosquito coil
  25. Loose flowers
  26. Small coconut pieces at roadside stalls
  27. Some crackers
  28. Rangoli/Holi Colors
  29. Thread
  30. Needles
  31. Marbles
  32. Chalk
  33. Nails/Screws
  34. Used bottles
  35. Some local cigarettes such as Rustam available in Patna
  36. Blades
  37. Ice
  38. Perfume samplers
  39. Loose beedis
  40. Paper Caps
  41. Digestive tablets
  42. Chewing tobacco
  43. Buttons
  44. Salt/Sugar sachets
  45. One impression of an ad
  46. Jam sachets
  47. Oil sachets
  48. Whistles
  49. Toothpicks/earbuds
  50. Use of public urinals
After going through the list, I easily could co-relate to the conversation that I have with the chaiwala in my locality ... Definitely lot's of things can help us build a bulk business with Re. 1 !!!

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June 21, 2009


It has been almost a month since the last update on this blog. Past few weeks have been pretty bad where I had an incident which made me realize "How search agents like JustDial can lead to mis[information] instead of providing information"...More on that in a separate blog article.

Just came across an interesting audio presentation which touches on The art of evangelizing oneself , hope you find it useful too ...

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