November 25, 2007

KCamp : Knowledge Management 2.0

Have not been able to post very regularly on the Blog but here I am back from another unconference Kamp.

Yesterday, it was a big day in the world of Unconferences with the First Ever BarCamp in Kerala and Kamp[The First ever Knowledge Management Camp] in Bangalore.

After landing at the venue and attending few talks, we[myself and Sridhar Rao] realized that we were only the two guys who were not from that background cry We also managed to give a talk on some Web 2.0 tools that could help organizations to manage the Knowledge.Sridhar also shared his insight as to how his organization manages knowledge through Blogs, Wikis, Webcasts etc.

Most interesting part of the entire unconference was "The Knowledge Cafe" lead by Raj Datta , Vice-President - Knowledge Management at Mindtree Consulting.There was a single question that was discussed in the Cafe - "How do you encourage employees to share ideas and help companies to generate Business round those ideas". There was a short debate on "Patenting" v/s "Value Creation through Idea Generation".

Not a bad start to the first Kamp with around 40 attendees [though there were around 180 people who registered for the event ].

The bottom line of Kamp was "Web 2.0 has revolutionized the way Knowledge is managed in organizations as well in our personal lives....."

There was an interesting presentation that I came across which reading about Knowledge Management on the internet.

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November 14, 2007

The brand "Naamakaran" Process

There is a lot which has been talked about Branding and it's importance , be it Personal Branding, Professional Branding, Organizational Branding .....How much difference a brand name makes is quite evident: An Allen Solly shirt without it's brand will almost sell for peanuts cry. Hence,what is first seen is the Brand and than the quality or the service so,what everyone sells is the Brand !!!

A good quality without a brand-name may be difficult to sink-in the minds of its intented audience.Sometimes,the branding is there but we loose track on the targetted audience.For example: Take a look at ApnaCircle, the business networking site by Sabeer Bhatia and the first thought that comes to mind is "Why the Non-Indians on the homepage when the name itself is so very Indian?". Compare this with Orkut, which realized the importance of having Indians on the homepage,with the popularity of Orkut rising in India!!!

Coming back to Branding, came across an interesting 9 step process of Branding by Jagdeep Kapoor referred as "Brand Naamkaran Process", which is listed below:

Birth of a the idea :
a. Identification/Creation of the customer's need.
b. Product/Service Janam[Birth]
c. Need for a Brand Naamakaran [Name].

Naamakaran Process :
  1. Define Brand Name through Overall Product/Service category.
  2. Refine Brand Name, aligning with the Core Values.
  3. Refine Brand Name in context of Location of Consumption.
  4. Refine Brand Name in context of Occasion of Consumption.
  5. Refine the Brand Name keeping in mind The Timing of the Launch.
  6. Refine the Brand Name keeping in mind The Brand's Future Map.
  7. Refine the Brand Name keeping in mind Competitive Brand Names.
  8. Refine the Brand Name keeping in mind Specific Product/Service Category.
  9. Refine the Brand Name keeping in mind Customer Segments.
Birth of a Brand :
e. Brand Name finalized !!!!

Detailed description on the 9 Branding steps would follow soon ...

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November 12, 2007

Short break from Blogging

Due to some personal reasons and other engagements, I have not been able to blog for the last few days.My next article would be up in this week and I hope to continue this memorable journey.

Thanks to all the readers who have appreciated as well as criticized and hope to continue the same relation with all of you smile

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