December 28, 2006

Successful marketing stunts

An interesting story on lessons learnt from some of the different and yet successful marketing stunts:

Lesson 1: Guess it pays to have a sense of humor about your business.
Lesson 2: Give journalists a good story, and they just may take you up on writing about it.
Lesson 3: Even the most outlandish marketing stunts--including those involving the often-dicey topic of religion--can work to a company's advantage.
Lesson 4: No harm in being inspired by successful marketing stunts that have come before, as long as you provide your own twist.
Lesson 5: There's something to be said for thinking big and on the fly.
Lesson 6: If you have a popular product but feel that sales are stagnant or your customers' excitement toward the brand is weaning, it may not be a bad idea to tinker with it. If you can create some drama around your product--and tug at your consumers' emotions--you may just find that your potential for bringing in a profit is, well, super.
Lesson 7: A marketing stunt doesn't have to be something that nobody's ever done before, but you should keep it fresh and exciting.
Lesson 8: If you're going to look for inspiration for a marketing idea, why not borrow from popular culture?
Lesson 9: Creativity works, and you can apparently talk anyone into anything, if you show them the money.
Lesson 10: Generosity is a selling point in a marketing stunt, and it helped that they tapped into human nature (the lure of free products) and current events.

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