December 2, 2006

Bar Camp Post Lunch Session 3 : Card Walls v/s Competitive Dancing

Speaker : Deven Tolia,Thoughtworks

There was a small demo about a dance where a small mistake happened.Deven tried to co-relate this with work.In case of dance,it is very important that you have a smile on your face.Same is the case with working in a company since,no one likes a person who comes to the office with a dull face.

Also,the other part is that "We should learn from our mistakes".In case of dance,synchronization is very important.Hence,if is a slight mismatch in the dance than people have to cover it up so that all the dancers are in sync.Same is the case with work since,if one person is not in sync with the team than there would be a delay in the delieverables to the customer.Since "CUSTOMER IS GOD!!!" (or should I say "Treat the customer like God"



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