August 15, 2008

LinkedIn : How do I get my Business Site reviewed ?

Last few days have been quite hectic for me and I almost vanished from the Blogosphere sad but I am back again with what I love to do i.e. Blogging !!! To get back on track, I felt to share an interesting question which was asked on LinkedIn and thanks to Ramjee Ganti for suggesting me as an expert in the BLOGGING category smile

If you are a Blogger or someone who wants to get your website/blog reviewed, than either you should keep a track on the replies to question or attempt to answer the question given below:

Below is the question and my attempted answer on LinkedIn.

How do I get my business web site reviewed? How do I get bloggers to blog about my site?
  1. Know about the your Business as well as the business in which the Blogger is associated with e.g If your business is into Semiconductors, than only consult a blogger who is into that space.A blogger who writes on Web 2.0 would not be a value addition to your marketing strategy but instead may take up your example as a negative one sad and write on his/her own blog.
  2. Search for Bloggers on relevant sites like LinkedIn, Ning, Technorati, Digg etc. and send each one a proper and personalized pitch referring from where you came across their profile , why should they write about your business etc. etc. Remember, it is very important to give a personalized touch !!!
  3. Don't try to bribe the blogger saying you would get gift A/B/C if you write for them. This would result in a negative publicity in most of the cases. Microsoft is very famous for this one.
  4. Finally, if you want Bloggers to write about you, than they also want a small mention that "They have written for you" hence, add all the links and email each one personally so that you can expect BETTER words from them in future !!!
  5. Last but not the least, remember that if you need a Blogger's help now, you may also need the same in Future, so Try to maintain touch with the Blogger with whom you want to wink
There would be a plenty of resources available on the Internet but at the end of the day, it depends on execution.

You can find all the answers to this question on LinkedIn here

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August 3, 2008

PalTalk : Viral Marketing, at it's best !!!

In some of my previous articles , I have written about Viral Marketing through YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare and other Web 2.0 sites. But how about a marketing campaign where you can sell yourself [as a person, through a prank] and guess what, it indirectly does the marketing for the company whose software was used for creating this prank biggrin

Check out this amazing video below which is created through Paltalk and I am sure after watching the COMPLETE video, you would also want to include the same on your blog. IMHO, this inner feeling of showing off this video is what makes it so viral !!!

Source of the Viral video : Scott Fox's Blog

If you have watched the complete video , than let me make it clear "I still reside in India" wink

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