December 2, 2006

Bar Camp Session 4 : Innovation in large IT services company

Speaker : Aditya Mishra,TCS

I had met him at Blog Camp in Mumbai.This guy knows about the business very well.

He spoke about some of the innovation at the TCS Innovation Labs.

How can be innovate at a Services Based Company

  1. Add new features
  2. Innovation on the delivery model
  3. Enhance offerings->New technologies
  4. Innovation in 3 areas a. Cost b. Flexibility c. Revenue
  5. Simplify the existing stuff.Question the things that are proven and check to see if you can improve on that front
Some inputs from the audience:
Disruptive Innovation:CDs over video tapes

Question unanswered : SHOULD SERVICES BE CALLED AS

If you get an answer to this question,do leave your comment.

I am heading for lunch since there are very interesting talks after lunch.



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