May 3, 2007

Can you guess the Logo?

I was tempted to put this post on my blog.Was just reading Digital Inspiration, where I came across an intersting website GuessTheLogo where you need to identify the real logo of the companies.

I got around 7(out of 10) answers correct at the first shot,which according to me was not so bad biggrin So, go ahead and try your luck.

Important Announcement:
I invite bloggers to come and blog on ThoughtsPrevail on their favourite topic(keeping in mind the theme of this blog).Since Finance is a very important aspect for Startups(and in each and every aspect of the organization),my first guest blogger had to be from the field of finance.He is Ranjan(not to confuse him with Amit Ranjan of Uzanto) who blogs here

I would introduce Ranjan in more brief in the upcoming posts on this blog.

(Note:Guest blogging is not an attempt to get more traffic or to earn money through this blog.It is just an attempt to touch upon diversified areas)

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At May 9, 2007, 10:50:00 PM , Blogger Piyush said...

Interesting Logo link, I glued for several minutes in fact.

Would you mind explaining a bit more on about guest blogging. I think I still din't get the essence.


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