April 25, 2007

Who will change the world?

There has been a million times that I have mentioned Guy Kawasaki(the great guru) in my blog.So by this time,you might be knowing what is the title of his blog - How to change the world

I read Guy's interview on one of the website's(oops can't recollect the website sad) and he told that he has already started working on his next book named "Who will change the world",yup it is the same title as his blog.

Apparently, when I purchased April,2007 issue of Business Gyan , I was shocked to see that the book has been released in India.Since,it is Guy's book,I had to buy the book but was surprised see Guy's name not being mentioned in the book review.Finally,I came to know that the book has been written by David Bornstein and not Guy Kawasaki.Check out the image which is taken from Business Gyan,April 2007 issue.

Now I wonder who would change the world-would it be Guy Kawasaki or David Bornstein .Also,now the suspense remains about Guy's next book (obviously, it won't be titled "How to change the world") since, David has already made an attempt to change the world rolleyes

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At Apr 25, 2007, 8:13:00 PM , Blogger Guy said...

I recently learned about David's book, so I will not be calling mine "How to Change the World." I don't know what it will be called yet, though.




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