April 26, 2007

India + China = Win-Win situation

Many books and newspapers have spoken about "India V/S China" but what about India+China = ChIndia.Imagine the superpower rolleyes

There is a good article in Times Of India(26th April 2007) ,which focuses on a JV between India and China(ie what if they work collaboratively).IMHO,the best part of this article is:
If China has become the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, Gartner analysts say India appears to be well on the way to becoming an IT services powerhouse. IT services account for approximately half of India's services exports, and they are growing at more than 30 per cent per year.
This also sends ringing bells that "India needs more product companies as well".
Read the complete article here

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At Apr 27, 2007, 6:33:00 PM , Blogger Curious MInd said...

IMHO Services alone cannot help in lifting 30% population from poverty.Indians with majority of them under 30,will need job.Manufacturing not only help in generating job but will propel consumption based economic growth.

As far as china is concern it will be foolish to consider it as only manufacturing hub.With its grand abition to be next USA of world its doing everyhting it takes to be USA.It is far ahead in R & D, have invested 4-6 % of its trillion dollar economy in eduction with ambition to estabishing 100 MITs.I doubt thay have only manufacturing in their mind.

For me future belongs to china.I wish Indian leadership could think as bid as china and execute it bteter then china.


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