April 24, 2007

Statutory Warning : Do not ignore blogs...

There have many bloggers(including myself) writing on blogging, its impact on business and marketing.I was just going through "Blog Marketing by Jeremy Right" and came across one interesting instance that proves the "Real power of blogging".Some bloggers might have already read about the "Kryptonite Story" and if you have not,than don't miss the rest of the article biggrin

Kryptonite Locks is a unique story in that the company was aware that blogs existed,but it chose not to respond to bloggers for a variety of reasons.Sounds interesting ah...than lets unlock the (lock) mystery wink
In 2004, Kryptonite, maker of top-selling locks,suffered a heavy loss at the hands of a blog.A blogger discovered that it was possible to pick a Kryptonite lock with a standard Bic Pen surprised

After the blogger blogged it,the story was picked up by Engadget,a popular gadget and geek blog.Check out this post on Engadget , which describes the issue and yes,do not forget to see viewer's comments as well.As you might have felt,Kryptonite was not aware much about this talk in the blogosphere and when it became aware about the situation, it was very very late sad
The impact: Kryptonite's business was hit with a class-action lawsuit and the company engaged in a massive lock exchange program.

The unanswered question:What would have been Kryptonite's loss,if it would have responded to the original blogger's post(before it was picked up by Engadget) ... Makes you think, isn't it rolleyes

This was a very old instance and it occurred in 2004.Now let us have a look at the current trend.
I just happened to check Entrepreneur Rajat Gupta's blog and this post grabbed my attention.As you might have seen from the post, Rajat got his flight money refunded by just putting the comment(given below) on the Clear Trip Blog
This is regarding the cancellation refund. Its close to 2 months and I have not got my refund. I have sent numerous mails to customer care but no response. This doesn't make sense.

My Case Ref: 1-50690.
Could you please let me know the status on it.

So,with changing times,strategies should change and this is how Blogs impact your business.Now, let me get back to my personal blogging wink

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At Apr 28, 2007, 9:32:00 AM , Blogger Piyush said...

I think this information is refreshing. Rajat Gupta's example is something anyone can relate to easily.

Wish I got this information a couple of months back when I had the same issue with Yatra.com

This was a good post.

At Jul 11, 2007, 8:20:00 AM , Anonymous Bootstrap said...

This is a good read. And blogging really has an impact on business.

With blogging, customers, clients and end-users can reach out more and be heard by the business world and the community. Businessmen are, and should be more aware and responsive to blogs. The Internet is one big "community" for information to spread.


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