October 7, 2007

DARE- Indication of Entrepreneurial bug in India !!!

Few months back , there was an article which mentioned about StartupNation - the radio show in US, which is solely focussed on Entrepreneurship. Guess what , India is also catching up in the rat-race with the launch of a new magazine(on Entrepreneurship)-DARE (Because Entrepreneurs Do) by Cybermedia.The logo of the magazine is very interesting with red R signifying the fire in the blood of the Entrepreneurs biggrin.

Few days back, I picked up the first issue of DARE and the content is pretty informative as well as organized. Some of the notable/ interesting sub-sections in the magazine are as given below:

Icon : How to be the next Narayana Murthy [very interesting article]
Funding/Equity : How to get into Private Equity
Opportunity/Idea : This features "Entrepreneur of the Month" - VSS Mani of JustDial
Policy : Insights into Legal Policies for Startups & 15 minutes guide to Trade Marks
Brands : Insight into Brand Management
Campus : Article on Campus Incubation
Strategy/IT : Web 2.0 & Digital signatures

[Note : Website of DARE is coming soon !!!]

Check out the podcast of Pradeep Gupta , Managing Director of CyberMedia sharing his thoughts on Entrepreneurship.

[Credits : Kamla Bhatt]

All in all, an interesting magazine, which gives an insight into the Entrepreneurial scene in India and a guide to watch out for in future smile. I guess, time is not far when we would soon have a StartupNation in India as wellwink.

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At Oct 9, 2007, 7:13:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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