October 3, 2007

"Traditional Marketing" v/s "Guerrilla Marketing" - Part II

This is in continuation to my earlier article , which listed the 9 differentiators between traditional marketing from guerrilla marketing.Below are the other 9 differentiators between the two sides of marketing:

Note: Guerrilla Marketing is referred as GM in the article.

Traditional Marketing v/s Guerrilla Marketing:

Strategy #10 - Use "You" Marketing:
Traditional marketing is "Me" marketing.A prospect goes to a company's website and it says "Let me tell you what we do, let me tell you why the company is so big" whereas GM is "You" marketing.GM is always oriented to the customer and not the company, because people are more interested in themselves than in any company.

Strategy #11 - Use Marketing combinations:
Traditional marketing would have people believe that just advertising works or having website works or a particular medium of advertising works.Whereas GM says that times have changed and hence, you need a combination of strategies.Days of single weapon marketing do not work anymore since, we are living in a time where only marketing combinations work biggrin

Strategy #12 - Embrace technology:
Traditional marketing never made allowance for technology since, technology was too complex and it was hard for an average business owner to understand.Things have changed now and Marketers need to be tech-friendly and need to go hand-in-hand with the technology.

Strategy #13 - Create partnerships:
Traditional marketing instructs to compete with the competition whereas GM says to forget the competition and scan the horizon for those businesses with which the firm can cooperate.
The reason: Marketing partners lower the total marketing costs & increase the reach of both the partners.Hence, co-operation(and not competition) is the backbone of GM.

Strategy #14 - Help customers succeed:
Traditional marketing is also about "taking" and about seeing how much money they can get from each of their customers whereas GM is all about "giving".GM thinks about what they can do to help their customers achieve their goals since, this is what would ultimately help to flow the profits into the company.

Strategy #15 - Build relationships:
At the end of each month, traditional marketers count how much money they have brought in whereas Guerrilla Marketers count how many new relationships they have made.The reason - Longer the relationships, the more sales they will eventually make and the more profits they would eventually earn.

Strategy # 16 - Consider the details:
Traditional marketing only identifies the mass weapons of marketing like radio, television, magazines , newspapers and other mass marketing medium.Due to this some of the minute things in marketing getting unnoticed whereas in case of GM , each and every aspect of marketing is important.
Guerrilla Marketers are aware of all the details of marketing , including the attire worn by their company's representatives and how their employees treat the people on the telephone.Thus, each and corner is important in case of GM.

Strategy # 17 - Gain consent:
Traditional marketing has always aimed to make the sale with the marketing but the reality is that it is very hard to make a sale with one piece of marketing.Whereas GM aims to gain consent since, once the business has gained consent, it markets only to those people.When a company does that, it is not wasting money by mailing to or marketing to disinterested people.

Strategy # 18 - Increase the Marketing Arsenal:
Last but not the least, traditional marketers always had a limited arsenal.They fail to identify some of the unusual weapons of marketing which is quickly identified by the Guerrilla Marketers and many of them are free.
Companies that use GM are going to find out that their marketing arsenal may consist of twenty different weapons , and of those weapons , many of them would be free lol Hence, the bottom line is : The size of the arsenal of the Guerrilla Marketer is much larger than the arsenal of the traditional marketer.

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