July 18, 2007

Is India ready for a(nother) "STARTUP NATION" ?

Startup Nation is one of the best books that I have read in the recent times.Every page in it is worth keeping in your mind.Let's ask some general question-What does a person do when he/she travels to the office?Well,you have multiple options a. Chat with your colleagues b. Read some books c. Do day dreaming d. Listen to radio or e. Any other thing...

One of the radio shows that is really popular in Bangalore is Radio City,91.1 FM.Finally,you get a place where you find your favourite songs, RJ's and also some information on what is happening in your city.Now let's imagine something.....You have a problem in your career or you are looking out for some tips for your business or anything related to business.In this case,the solution left out is discuss with the people whom you know or discuss with experts smile Imagine having a radio show for the same, what could have been a better medium than discussing your business/startup issues with experts on a "Radio Show" lol Should we call it as a "STARTUP SHOW"? This can be related to a show called as "Startup Nation" in the US , which has hosts as the Sloan Brothers - authors of the book "Startup Nation".Not only is the concept of a Radio Show for Entrepreneurs very interesting but the story of that concept is even more interesting (and worth reading):

Back in the year 2000, most of the companies could not withstand the bad weather and had to be shut down/reduce the staff strength.Also,investors hesitated to fund companies and the market was left really dry.The Sloan Brothers who were already successful entrepreneurs with their creation "Battery Buddy" were finding hard to stay in the market.Their business model was solely dependent on Angel Investors and hence,they were left in a very tough spot cry

In order to survive the storm, they had to change their business model !!! After speaking to one of their mentors Sam Valenti,they understood that though business has dried up,there is still a huge demand for assistance in starting & running a small business.Companies weren't hiring -they were only firing.Due to this reason, many people were forced to turn to Entrepreneurship as their solution(to provide them living).Every teacher needs a student and most of the entrepreneurs need mentors(to guide them).This is where they thought of an online radio show called "Startup Nation",where they would use their Entrepreneurial experience to help other entrepreneurs.

Within few months,StartupNation Radio turned into a big community of like minded entrepreneurs seeking new heights in business and life.On their radio show,they had interviewed the country's most successful entrepreneurs - people who lead companies called "Super Startups"

This story is really very interesting as well as inspiring.The radio show started by Sloan Brothers was a result of an "Entrepreneurial" ecosystem that was built around it.Basically,it was the need of that particular hour that gave birth to the show.Now coming back to Radio City 91.1 FM,the question is India ready for an "(Indian) StartupNation"show? Do we have an ecosystem which gives birth to more Entrepreneurs? The following article points out that poverty , lack of consumer base and culture are some of the reasons for not having this ecosystem.

What do you say? Is India ready for an online radio show for Entrepreneurs? Caste your vote and have your say.

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At Jul 18, 2007, 8:49:00 AM , Blogger TheCruisemaniac said...

Really a worthy read... And, regarding the Radio Show, I think we already know the answer!!! ;-)

At Jul 18, 2007, 6:42:00 PM , Anonymous Mahesh said...

The article is pow(very,1/0) inspiring.

I agree with the sentence: "poverty, lack of consumer base and culture are some of the reasons for not having this ecosystem."

Its difficult for fresh entrepreneurs to capture the fast changing the business environment. Because of this rapid change people fear to become entrepreneur.

But this fast changing is nothing but single creative/innovative product developed by one company and all else will follow the same with little change which comes in to market rapidly just like this : Google->Yahoo Search->Live.com->Hakia->, Friendster->myspace->classmates->Orkut->
Facebook which created whole new concept and some other examples.

Try to think some different segment that could create a whole new concept of business just like FaceBook Platform [during 1981 one Xerox employee told Bill Gates that Application development on top of windows will be the key to MS. The whole credit goes to Adobe Page Maker which i used it during 1997,
another company i didnt remember it.]

Do scare. Study as much as you wamt until u become confident just like you study for exam to get high score.

Keep inspiring Entrepreneurs. :)

At Jul 18, 2007, 9:59:00 PM , Blogger Anbusivam said...

These words caught my attenion...
"many people were forced to turn to Entrepreneurship", I think, people with burning desire to do something are the only ones turning into entrepreneurs.....in India. May be it'll increase if the situation demands...!!!

I am seeing almost 95% of younger folks are going by Poor Dad's advice(Robert Kiyosaki's - Rich Dad Poor Dad)..and very few choose to take up Rich Dad's advice...

At Jul 19, 2007, 12:37:00 PM , Anonymous Chacko said...

"many people were forced to turn to Entrepreneurship"

I was also. Did it for two years, didn't get anywhere but did learn a lot. Much better than doing an MBA

At Jul 20, 2007, 3:58:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

@Ashwin: Thanks very much..yes,I know what could be your answer :)

@Mahesh: Yes,I agree that if you cannot create a fresh product than take an existing one and try to build something innovative around the same concept :)


At Jul 20, 2007, 4:00:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

@Siva: I am yet to look into "Rich Dad and Poor Dad"...May be you can elaborate more on the advice

@Chacko: May be you can share your entrepreneurial journey here.MBA degree is completely need and experience based hence,cannot be commented on :)

-Himanshu Sheth

At Jul 20, 2007, 10:38:00 AM , Anonymous Raghavendra BG said...

Though i agree that India is ready for another STARTUP NATION ? Why the delay cant be attributed to PLAYING SAFE ATTITUDE .

1) Our society as such does not encourage people to take risks.

2) Even in our schooling we have always be been thought of working for Big organisation rather than making of great organisation.

3)Good Job ,Change again for another Good job ..Get married ,onsite .....nobody thinks beyong these thinks .May be i completely acknowldege this with myself as one ideal example :-)

4) I culminate my comment with RISK TAKING ATTITUDE ,Society facilitating the same .Like I am noty sure how many ppl know that in IIM's now there is a new trend that ppl who take on entrepreneur path would still be eligible for few years of campus placements after two years


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