September 27, 2007

Blogging & Sensex : ups & downs in the [B-readership] market ...

Incoming Links - A winning experience:
What is one of the great wins of a person who blogs? It is 'an unknown person 'A' linking to an article on your blog'.It was a great experience when I came to know about my very first incoming link on Technorati.Below a snapshot of the email, which I sent to all my friends(with a lot of excitement) biggrin

Blogging: A Mind game and a (365*7) learning process:
But just like every activity in life , blogging is a continuous learning process. When you see that you are getting more traffic and people are linking to your blog, the blogger becomes very cautious in each and every article that (s)he publishes on the blog."Cautious" is an alarming word but that does not mean "Care", but in this case,means "Growing maturity".Remember, in the topsy-turvy world of stock market, you learn only when you loose money smile

"Maturity" does come in terms of thinking, way you communicate , amount of research and many other factors that consume a lot of time of any blogger. When it comes to research, it is bound to have multiple links from other blogs [which provides a level of Authentication to your article], but the question is "What if the readers like the linked blog and don't return to mine? " sad

Blogging, Linking & Sensex:
"Drip in readership" is one of the most hurting thing that can happen to any blogger and that too, if it happens in your early stage of blogging.Recently I was discussing about blogging with a newly stepped blogger and his point was "Why should I make other bloggers famous by giving their links"? An unfair question with a fair answer:
IMHO, linking is very much important and if a reader does not like your blog(for any possible reason) , (s)he would never return to your blog....To make a fair comparison, "Blog Readership" is like Sensex , since sometimes "The Page Views" go up(yeah, booming economy hooray...Sensex goes up) and sometimes it goes down(market slump) wink
What do you feel about "Blogging & Linking"? Does linking to other blogs result in a traffic loss for your own blog? Have your say:

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