October 6, 2007

B - Competitions : Vista and Lakshya

It is the season of Business Competitions and this time , we have Vista & Lakshya[on the same days(12th-14th) in the month of October,07].

Vista - IIM Bangalore (IIMB) Annual Business Summit:
Vista is IIMB's business competition that would be showcasing the latest trends in industry over the years. The theme of Vista 2007 is ReBusiness. The theme highlights the paradigm shift in manner of conducting business and the same would be reflected in the events hosted during Vista 2007 - to be held between October 12th and 14th,07.

You can find more details here and here
[Thanks Alok Padhi for this information]

Lakshya - NITIE(National Institute Of Industrial Engineering) B-Competition:
As mentioned on the Lakshya website:
Organized by PGDIE students of NITIE, Lakshya aims at broadening the outlook and honing the skills of practicing managers. The middle level managers present live industrial projects which brought significant change in the performance of their organization.
You can find more details here and here

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