August 27, 2007

Apple iPhone hacked !!!

This was a really surprising news that the iPhone was hacked by a 17 year old George Hotz.Few people said that they felt that only Microsoft was buggy but now even Apple product comes with bugs however,this is a hack and not a bug !!!

As reported by the Mercury News,

Hotz seems an unlikely candidate to have hacked the world's most hyped product. The recent high-school graduate had little experience hacking cell phones, and by his own admission he feels more comfortable with a soldering iron than a piece of computer code.

Hotz's effort speaks to more than simply what a teenager can accomplish with ingenuity, determination and Internet access, analysts say. They say it echoes some of the frustrations among consumers with the closed system that AT&T and Apple have created.

The video below shows how George Hotz managed to hack the iPhone:

Read the complete story here

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