August 27, 2007

August , 07 : Season of Conferences & Unconferences !!!

There are a couple of events that are scheduled in Bangalore as well as Chennai.Some of them are seasonal events - Open Coffee Club and Blogger's meet , happening on the 1st & 2nd September,2007 respectively.Some of the other unconferences & conferences are listed below:

a. SearchCamp , Chennai:

After a series of unconferences - BlogCamp , BarCamp , Podworks , WiKi Camp , Proto ; the Knowledge Foundation has another feather in their cap - SearchCamp. As the name suggests, the crux behind the two day unconference is a single word - SEARCH.

What is SearchCamp:
SearchCamp is a two day event aimed to bring together the best minds from the Search Engine Marketing(SEM) space to talk about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues. This event is the first of its kind in India and will feature workshops, debates and keynotes on the present state and evolution of Search Engine Marketing.

When & where is it held ?
6th and 7th October,2007 in Tidel Park, Chennai. The charges for the event is Rs 500/- sad

It would also be good learning for people like me who are not so much versed with the SEO fundamentals .....

Interested in SearchCamp ?
If you feel interested than follow the link to register for SearchCamp

b. Oota 2.0 (Let's talk Technology over lunch) :

If you feel there is a typing mistake than think again biggrin Oota means food in Kannada language.Oota is an unconference loosely based on Lunch 2.0 in the Silicon Valley.

What exactly is Oota 2.0?
Oota 2.0 in simple terms is discussing technology over Oota(aka Lunch).So,along with the tasty lunch you also get to meet new and interesting set of people.In a nutshell, Oota 2.0 can be termed as Lunch 2.0 LAN(Lunch Area Network) smile

When & where is it held?
Friday, September 7th, 12:00PM - 2:00PM in Indiranagar (Venue yet to be finalized) ... No charges apart from the your Oota bill wink

Interested in Oota 2.0 ?
If you feel interested than follow the link or send a mail to oota 2.0 to register for this Grand & Technological Oota

c. Silicon India leadership Summit (Conference) :

As the name suggests Leader Summit would showcase some of the industry leaders speaking on topics ranging from leadership to outsourcing.

The agenda of the summit can be found here

When & where is it held ?
August 31, 2007 at Taj Residency,Bangalore

Interested in the Leadership Summit?
If you feel interested than follow the link to register for the summit. Registration charges is Rs 1000, for more details refer the following

This ends a short round up of some of the Unconferences & conferences happening in Chennai & Bangalore.

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At Aug 27, 2007, 12:19:00 PM , Anonymous Sridhar said...

hey himanshu,

Thats a awesome list lined up!!!1

And bro, to add one more feather, there is D-Camp happening. Post about it too :)

U can read more abt that on my blog.


At Aug 28, 2007, 12:02:00 AM , Anonymous Himanshu Sheth said...

@Sridhar : Good to see that you are around :) I had already blogged about the feather around 10 days back and have also added to the post :)

-Himanshu Sheth


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