August 17, 2007

DCampBangalore : The DUX Unconference

After a series of unconferences like BarCamp, BlogCamp, PodWorks, Proto ; now comes another unconference.This time, the unconference targets two major things : "Design" and "User Experience".

Who can attend:
It should have been "Who cannot attend?". Since it is an unconference, it is open to each and everyone who has the urge to share & learn...In fact, I don't have much insights into Agile Methodology and this is a nice place to learn about new things......So it is all about Collaborative effort !!!

When and where is it held:
Though the dates have been finalized , the tentative time frame for this unconference is September,2007 (10 AM-2 PM).Venue is yet to be decided.

For registration and more information , visit DCampBangalore

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