August 14, 2007

Founders @ Work

"Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston" was one of the book's that was highly appreciated(and recommended) by the startup guru - Guy Kawasaki.The book focusses on the Entrepreneurial journey of 32 Entrepreneurs listed below:

1. Max Levchin, Cofounder PayPal
2. Sabeer Bhatia, Cofounder Hotmail
3. Steve Wozniak , Cofounder Apple Computers
4. Joe Kraus , Cofounder Excite
5. Dan Bricklin , Cofounder Software Arts
6. Mitchell Kapor , Cofounder Lotus Development
7. Ray Ozzie ,Founder Iris Associates
8. Evan Williams ,Cofounder Pyra Labs(Blogger)
9. Tim Brady ,First Non-Founding Employee Yahoo
10. Mike Lazaridis ,Cofounder Research In Motion
11. Arthur van Hoff ,Cofounder Marimba
12. Paul Buchheit ,Creator Gmail
13. Steve Perlman ,Cofounder WebTV
14. Mike Ramsay ,Cofounder TiVo
15. Paul Graham ,Cofounder Viaweb
16. Joshua Schachter ,Founder
17. Mark Fletcher ,Founder Bloglines
18. Craig Newmark ,Founder craigslist
19. Caterina Fake ,Cofounder Flickr
20. Brewster Kahle ,Founder Internet Archive, Alexa Internet
21. Charles Geschke ,Cofounder Adobe Systems
22. Ann Winblad ,Cofounder Hummer Winblad
23. David Heinemeier Hansson ,Partner 37signals
24. Philip Greenspun ,Cofounder ArsDigita
25. Joel Spolsky ,Cofounder Fog Creek Software
26. Stephen Kaufer ,Cofounder TripAdvisor
27. James Hong ,Cofounder HOT or NOT
28. James Currier ,Founder Tickle
29. Blake Ross ,Creator Firefox
30. Mena Trott ,Cofounder Six Apart
31. Bob Davis ,Founder Lycos
32. Ron Gruner ,Cofounder Alliant Computer Systems

You can take a sneak peak into the book here.I managed to find a soft copy of the book and the same can be downloaded from my esnips collection, given below lol

Founders At Work
Founders At Work.z...
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At Aug 14, 2007, 8:21:00 AM , Anonymous Siva said...

Even I liked the book and we can easily relate to all the stories presented in the book.

Must read for any entrepreneur!

At Aug 14, 2007, 8:48:00 AM , Anonymous Mahesh said...


Thank you so much for burning your oil to find the soft copy of the book and sharing with hyper passionate entrepreneurs.

Keep inspiring. :)

At Aug 14, 2007, 4:18:00 PM , Blogger alok said...

Hi Himanshu,

That's a wonderful book and thanks for sharing the piece of information with us.

A truely infomative blog you're having.

At Aug 16, 2007, 11:18:00 AM , Anonymous satpal said...

Dont you think my distributing a copywrite material like thisbook is illegal?

At Aug 16, 2007, 11:34:00 AM , Anonymous Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Hey Satpal,
Initially I also thought that it would not be fair to upload it and than distribute the material.But,at the EOD,all of us try to use material which is not original....

How many times,have you seen that people(even educated and rich) buying duplicate material on the roadside.I think I am better in that sense,since I am contributing anything to that community...but yes,I feel fine to share this book with other people who read such kind of books :)

May be you can also share this book with some of your other LIKE MINDED friends...

-Himanshu Sheth


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