April 22, 2007

India's (really) shining

I guess whatever I am writing is not new since, we have read this stuff in newspapers , magazines etc etc We have heard a lot of outsourcing,cost cutting and lot of work being transferred to Asian countries(like India,China etc).Some people have labeled it as a measure to cut costs and some think that India is becoming an IT superpower.Different people,different perception mrgreen

Few days back, I had come with this post which has Thomas Friedman doing research for his bestseller "The World is Flat".Somehow I felt that India is becoming an attractive place to sink some of the global talent but one incident with an unknown foreigner(cannot say her foreigner since,I felt she was very much impressed with India) proved it all.Keep on reading to know more about the story.

I was walking with my friend on 80 feet road in Indiranagar,Bangalore when a young lady named Lisa(who works in a Non IT firm in Bangalore....yup Non-IT rolleyes) comes and asks us(me and my friend) for a cricket playground.Well,I had no idea about the ground and so I decided to kickstart a small conversation.The conversation revolved around her experiences in India.

Lisa told that she is from Germany and than she started telling about Bangalore(and how she landed up here).I could a big glimpse in her eyes when she started telling about it smile).One thing I was impressed with is that she knew the names of many roads in Bangalore(and I wasn't aware about half of them cry)From the way she spoke,I could make out that she really liked working in Bangalore and I asked her the reason.Her reply was a surprise to me.She told that she wanted to mention India in her resume as that would add lot of value to her resume.

Her talk pretty much amazed me surprised.She also mentioned that some of her friends are planning to shift here and if she feels more comfortable here,she would settle in Bangalore itself.

This is just a small example of India shining and I think more news(like this one) would put India in a different zone lol

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At Apr 23, 2007, 10:31:00 PM , Blogger Piyush said...

OMG. That is seriously impressive a story. Btw here in Europe India is definitely is looked upon with a great value to IT industry as a whole. I too keep getting surprised at times. May be I haven't come across the people who do not like it.

Besides that what impressed me much is the way a small thought is being put across. Its indeed a good piece of writing as well.


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