April 19, 2007

Bozos Bozos everywhere....

Before I start writing about anything,let me define what or who exactly is a BOZO.
BOZO is a Guy Kawasaki terminology for a loser of a person.He/she would definitely try to bog you down during the course of the venture.He/she is always on a spree to make you believe that you would not succeed and want you also to join the group of LOSERS where they belong twisted BOZO could be anyone right from your friend to your colleague or an unknown person.
So,why exactly I am writing this post.Well,there was one incident that happened today which made me write this post.There was a guy and girl who just passed besides me and looked at me(and smiled) as if they saw a monkey coming out of the zoo razz.Damn,I was really embarrassed and at the same time,made me wonder if I have some problem.I looked at myself in the mirror(yup,even I am a human being) and just wondered if I have some problem.

When I came out I was very much satisified with myself and just thought "Why the hell should I think about those guys since I am pretty much ahead than those guys...Damn,instead of them I would take advice from guys who have better knowledge than me or who are guys who are not loser of a person".

There are many people(like the ones mentioned above) who would question your capibilites or your looks or your attitude and it is upto us to just ignore them(though I made a mistake by not ignoring them sad).For me "Narayan Murthy" is a great example who is an average looking person(or should I say below average) and built th massive Infosys empire.I am sure looks or your physical appearance has nothing to do with your venture(or your entrepreneurial dream) but I think there could be more people like me who could sometimes have the same feeling(like what I had this time).

This also reminds me of Dharmesh Shah of OnStartups quoting "He left India only because he felt that India was not suitable for shy people like him and US was a better option for him"......I also got a similar kind of a thought in mind after this incident idea (I know I would be a fool to decide things based on one such incident).

In my honest opinion "These BOZOS are our teachers and they give us more strength to move forward and perform better" lol Just as I complete this post(which does not fit in the theme of my blog), you might be wondering why I wrote this post?....The answer is "Beware of BOZOS and learn how to ignore them(which I also need to learn)" smile

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At Apr 19, 2007, 10:13:00 AM , Blogger Manish said...

Yes this blog reminded me two examples I heard long back

1 Suppose you have an excellent and healthy car, a sport car with full of fuel and an empty road, express highway. Still you are unable to drive it at its full potential. Becauseā€¦.you have not removed your leg from the break. We all have full potential but this break is BOZO.

2 This is a bit technical.

In school days we learnt nuclear science. We learnt that theoretically there is little difference between an atom bomb and a nuclear power station. The difference is in power station, we use Cadmium bar to control the generation of neutrons. So the chain reaction will not blast like atom bomb. These Cadmium bar is BOZO.


Manish Panchmatia

At Apr 21, 2007, 3:56:00 PM , Anonymous Ganesh Kulkarni said...

Hello buddy! caught up with you after a long time!Your post reminded me of the long talk we had on night of blogcamp in Chennai, where you told me about the non-tolerating atmosphere in your company. You are right in pointing out that there should be more enabling and nurturing environment everywhere.
Keep going!

At Apr 22, 2007, 12:36:00 PM , Blogger @lok said...

Yeah nice one ... I can say great ideas, sensible planning and timely execution is one of the success matra.

keep moving :)

At Apr 23, 2007, 11:39:00 AM , Blogger Lakshman Srikanth said...

excellent post on bozos
i have seen a lot of bozos
i want to kill all of them

At Apr 23, 2007, 11:01:00 PM , Blogger Piyush said...

Oh Dear.

I can't tell you how innocent it makes me feel about you. You are the second person after Ashish(Founder of Tekriti) who take things from heart to blogs. I think this is what brings me to this blog.

I too am an average looking guy but I am aware what's in store for our India with such people around & awake.


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