April 11, 2007

Guy Kawasaki on "Mantras for Entrepreneurs"

For guys who have not read "Art of the start by Guy Kawasaki" have to think twice , may be you are missing something in your startup journey.

To give a small GIST,check the slide which contains "Guy's-basic mantras for Entrepreneurs and startups"
  • Make a meaning
  • Make a mantra
  • Get going
  • Define a Business Model
  • Weave a MAT(Milestones,Assumptions and Tasks)
  • Nice thyself
  • Follow the 10-20-30 Rule(when pitching to the VC)
  • Hire infected(passionate) people
  • Lower the barriers to adoption
  • Seed the clouds
  • Don't the BOZOS grind you down(Trust me,you would find plenty of BOZOS)

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