March 30, 2007

Microsoft really loves Bloggers !!!

Just started reading "Blog Marketing Book" by Jeremy Wright and there is one section which mentions the strong relation Microsoft has with the blogger community.None of the companies can try to ignore the reviews given by bloggers on their products and the tech-giant Microsoft is also no different.There is a small passage in the book titled, "MICROSOFT LISTENS" which explains what bloggers can do even to the tech giants like Microsoft so, keep on reading:
Microsoft regularly flies customers and industry experts to its campus in Washington to listen to the feedback given by those people.The company invites dozens of key customers and partners to the event,where they spend brainstorming as a group.But as of late,Microsoft has changed it's strategy and the company is making extensive use of blogs to get direct customer feedback.

Within a year,more than 1000 Microsoft employee blogs featured developers and product managers talking directly to customers every day , instead of once a year.Microsoft employees read dozens of blogs every day to see how customers react to Microsoft products and services.In fact,Microsoft employees have taken a bigger leap and even contribute to other's blogs in the expanding space of Blogosphere.

So now it is clear that to Microsoft is really serious about reviews from Bloggers which would help them improve it products.
As we know every blogger has ethics but Microsoft has even taken a step forward to bribe bloggers.Check out what Joel has to say in his post on "Bribing Bloggers"

So,what does Bribing mean in this sense?Just check the image which explains what Bribing means to Bloggers.Enjoy Joel's article(just like I did smile).
May be after this post,Microsoft may notice my blog as well smile

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At Mar 30, 2007, 4:55:00 PM , Blogger Mahesha Iddagoda said...

That sounds like bribing all right. Wonderful article. My best wishes.

At Apr 11, 2007, 1:36:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Mahesha,
What are these best wishes for ;)



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