March 25, 2007

Marketing strategies for startups

Marketing has become one of the important aspects to the success of any product and the same applies to the success of companies as well.Marketing would typically help startups to build a brand name for itself.While reading "Make the Move", I came across some of the promotional/marketing methods which could be employed by startups , depending on the product that they are trying to market.One basic point is : "Employ the marketing strategy keeping your end customer in mind".

1. Print Media:
Most expensive means of marketing.It won't be so affordable to use this media at a startup stage.The main intention of the print marketing is to develop your product/company as a brand.

2. Poster/Pamphlets:
This can be mainly used , if your target customer is an individual.This could be one of the most effective methods to create an awareness about your product(keeping your end customer in mind).It is one of the low cost methods followed mostly by startups.

3. Radio:
This is the best way(after Print Media) to reach the common man biggrin It should be consistent as well as innovative.

4. Television:
This is one of the most expensive means of promotion and one with the widest reach.It is good for businesses with very huge funds and is mainly used to "Brand Management"

5. Sponsorships:
Sponsoring events that are relevant to your domain is a very good way to promote your company

6. Promotional Seminars:
This is one of the best way's to create awareness about your product.If you are able to out some intellect into the seminars,you may even organize them for free or charge for them.

7. Sales Force:
A dedicated sales force directly going to the customers is one of the common ways to promote your product.You may need to train your sales force and set up effective channels for analyzing their performance.

8. Internet Marketing:
One of the most effective and fastest ways to market your product.These include email campaigns,website SEO,reverse linking websites with relevant websites,submission to various search engines and directories on the internet , Google Adwords campaign,Yahoo Search Marketing and resellers on the internet

9. Surface mail Campaign:
This requires sending surface mailers to your existing database regarding your product/service.

10. Distributors/Franchisees:
Very important for scaling your business and playing a volume game.It is also a tricky process and also requires expertise.

11. Unconference Marketing (My addition):
Unconferences like BarCamp, Mobile Monday, Proto are one of the best places to market your product and get feedback from a crowd of geeks lol I still remember Inactiv in BarCamp Bangalore2 and WWGIO(a product from Motvik) in MoMo and trust me , it is the easiest way to get feedback about your product.

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At Mar 28, 2007, 3:50:00 PM , Blogger Soulmate said...

nice blog about business and technology.

At Mar 29, 2007, 1:57:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Soulmate,
Thanks for landing on Thoughtsprevail.Hope to see you more on the blog ;-)


At Jul 3, 2007, 12:26:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vey interesting and at the same time very useful too. I am waiting to see more than this...


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