March 20, 2007

Ten Mantras of successful blogging

Everyone knows that blogging is about networking and there are some basic mantras that bloggers need to get things right and get rewards by getting more traffic to your blog.Below are the 10 mantras mentioned in the Blog Marketing book by Jeremy Wright and these mantras would help bloggers succeed , whatever might be the topic of their blog.

1. Be Real:
Knowing yourself and your audience are extremely important aspects of successful blogging.Identify who are you as a blogger,what you'll be blogging about and who your target audience will be;these are the keys to a successful blog.

2. Be Passionate:
If you are not enjoying what you are blogging about,its difficult to be passionate,so blog about what you truly enjoy.The passion that comes from writing a blog and connecting with number of people out there is contagious

3. Write Often:
Writing often is not just good for the blog,it is an absolute requirement for success.Anything less than once a day is abandoning the potential of your blog.Updating your blog is often rooted in two major facets of blogging:search engine "juice" and the fact the readers love new and fresh content.Its very important that search engines searches your blogs ... So know your SEO fundas well.

4. Link Lots:
Links are called as "Currency of the blogosphere".Most bloggers link for one of the two reasons: a. Either they are interested in the subject matter or
b. They respect the blogger to whom they are linking.
Links carry an inherent value,so providing links shows your readers and users what interests you-and higher the quality of bloggers to whom you link,the more respect readers and other bloggers will have for you and your blog.

5. Leave comments on other blogs:
Creating a community of like minded bloggers is very important for the success of your blog.Your community of interest is the community in which you are interested as well as the community that is interested in you.By commenting on blogs in your community of interest , you are letting existing bloggers and their readers know that their blog might be of interest to them.This is one of the successful tools to get more traffic to your blog.

6. Have Fun:
Blogging is meant to have fun.Its a serious business that will change the way your business is presented online so,try new things and link to fun and interesting sites.

7.Push the envelope:
One of the challenges with blogging is that it's new.Try something unusual , and if you do the "Wrong" thing , it will get you some attention(good or bad). Entirely new types of cutting edge communication such as podcasting and video blogging,were created when someone asked "Why does blogging have to be just text".So ask your own "Why" questions question

8. Ping:
Pinging is something your blog software does to tell several services that you've posted something new on your blog.This helps the Blogosphere to get connected to your blog.You can either have an auto-ping on Technorati or use the service of Ping-O-Matic , which pings all of the most important services for you,instead of you having to do it.

9. Create meaningful titles:
Titles are very important to blogging successfully-good titles means search engines find you and get you more traffic.Plus,good titles help you get readers glued to your blog lol Every blog post title should give the readers a reason to read the entire post.

10. Use Feeds:
Whether you choose to provide full text feeds or provide some of the text,make sure you are providing feeds.Feeds make it easy for people to read your content on their own schedules-be it traveling on the airplane or driving home etc. Feeds are all about lowering the barriers to getting at quality information,so do whatever you can to make sure you aren't putting up any artificial barriers razz

These tips have helped me and my blog and I hope these basics of blogging(which we seem to forget sometimes wink) helps you and your blog as well !!!

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At Mar 21, 2007, 11:13:00 PM , Blogger Rishi said...

Ok cool. I follow all on them means I'm a true Bloggism follower! haha!

At Mar 29, 2007, 1:44:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Rishi,
I guess you already follow many of them and hence you don't require this gyaan ;-)



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