March 24, 2007

nPost : Resource for Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers

All of us know that and Webyantra(and many other blogs) are some of the sites which keep a close track on the Entrepreneurial community and the upcoming startups in India.To know more about the global scenario,I prefer listening to podcasts available on BusinessWeek.Well,recently I just came across nPost,a site which is an excellent resource for Entrepreneurs as well as job seekers.Keep on reading to know more about nPost

What is nPost all about?
nPost is a new job board specifically targeting small- to medium-sized startups. There are currently over 300 jobs featured on the site from over 50 different companies. In addition to the job board, nPost has conducted over 160 interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs at startups.

Motive behind nPost:
The sole motive of nPost is to promote entrepreneurship since "Entrepreneurs not only create jobs but also drive the economy"

Unique feature on nPost:
Apart from startups, jobs and interviews by entrepreneurs, there is an interesting section - upcoming events which gives an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to network with the other Entrepreneurs.

Revenue model of nPost?
There are three sources of revenue for nPost: companies can post jobs on the site, advertise on the site, and sponsor events.

Want to know more about nPost?
To know more about nPost , you can send an mail to Nathan Kaiser at nathan[at]npost[dot]com

You can subscribe to nPost feeds:
Job Feed :
Interview Feed :

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At Mar 25, 2007, 10:35:00 PM , Blogger nathan kaiser said...

Thanks for the post Himanshu. You have really summed up very well, far better than I could :-)

At Mar 29, 2007, 1:40:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Nathan,
The pleasure was all mine.In fact,I found nPost a very good resource.Keep up the good work.



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