March 27, 2007

Youtube first annual video awards announced

Just few months back,video broadcasting giant YouTube had announced to share some part of its revenue with the site users lol and now it has come up with another good marketing strategy : YouTube has decided to award some of the best videos uploaded by the users on the site.And I had happened to catch a small glimpse of the YouTube awards on CNN-IBN biggrin

But before the announcement of the awards(3 days back) , there was a statement made by the geek blogger Robert Scoble in this blog post saying:
YouTube is late in honoring the best videos of 2006 and Vloggies is ahead of YouTube by six months with their announcement of the best videos of 2006
Anyways,sit back and enjoy the best videos of 2006 on YouTube(by clicking on the image below)

Let us wait and see what is the reaction of the YouTube awards in the Blogosphere lol

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At Mar 30, 2007, 1:19:00 AM , Anonymous Rishi said...

I don't find any factor in doing this. I don't see any idea behind it but who knows, Google takes out profit from even loss! :)


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