March 27, 2007

It's raining investments in Web 2.0

With the Web 2.0 market growing beyond social networking,VCs are also raking money into the Web 2.0 market.Read an article on TheChilli and was amazed to see the booming market of Web 2.0.As reported by TheChilli, there has been investments worth $850 million during the last year(2006) in Web 2.0.

The most interesting piece of information was analysis of the number of Web 2.0 deals, that have been carried out in the recent past in 2006(based on the geographic locations):

1. United States: 126 deals with an investment of US$682.7 million(83 percent increase in deals from 2005)
2. Europe: 20 deals in 2006 with an investment of US$100.5 million(more than 200 percent increase from 2005)
3. China: 21 deals in 2006 with a decline in the investment by 26 percent to US$61.3 million(same number of deals occurred in 2005 sad)
4. Israel: 2 deals in 2006 with an investment of US$22 million(increase by one deal since 2005)

The most active investors in Web 2.0 on a worldwide basis include:
  1. Benchmark Capital
  2. Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  3. Sequoia Capital
  4. Omidyar Network
Read the complete article here

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