January 28, 2007

TechTribe: Connect and Innovate

Ever since I have heard Rohit Agarwal(the innovator) of TechTribe speak at the BarCamp,Bangalore I was very much impressed with him.I just thought "Whether TechTribe can be India's answer to LinkedIn?"

He had a point about Indians in particular-"Indians are innovative at each point of time".He had a very good example of Innovation(which according to him is not thought about everywhere) -"Even, when we(Indians) want to cross the road and (damn),there is lot of traffic,we try an alternate way to reach the other side of the road".This is just a small example of innovation in each and every Indian mind[Am I being too patriotic :-)].Now,why connect on TechTribe when you have LinkedIn,keep on reading.

"A 30 year old IIT grad Avinash Agarwal not only got around Rs 10 Lakh funding for his startup RouteGuru through TechTribe(after he posted the idea on TechTribe) but he also gets guidance from some of the well established professionals from the industry."

Visit my
Techtribe profile to connect with me and join the innovative era!!!

Check this one,this is just the start of innovation on TechTribe

Read the complete article here

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At Feb 4, 2007, 1:48:00 PM , Anonymous Mayank said...

Hmm, interesting to know that Indians are coming up with such websites. Certainly Amit Ranjan is doing good in highlighting these Indian startups and you are doing nothing less :)

keep up the work buddy!

At Feb 4, 2007, 2:46:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Mayank,
Yes,it takes lot of effort to com up with such sites.Guess you are mistaken...It is not Amit Ranjan,but Rohit Agarwal of TechTribe who has taken this initiative.

Anways,Amit Ranjan is one perosn who has taken a big plunge for motivating young entrepreneurs....

Thanks for the feedback.



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