January 23, 2007

What can companies learn from tennis star Roger Federer

It was just a normal day when I was returning back from the office and I happened to think about the close connection between sports and business.Since, my favourite tennis tournament Australian Open is on, I could not think about anyone other than my favourite tennis player Roger Federer.

Everytime when I watch Federer play , there is always something to learn from him from a business point of view.Some of the learnings are given below:

Just as Federer considers each and every match important,be it an unseeded player,it is important for companies(even startups) not to under-estimate the competition.Who knows Guruji.com may become the next Google.

Federer has been unbeatable except for some defeats against Nadal on clay court.Inspite of these defeats,there is some improvement in his game.Here is the message,improvement is the key...Keep on improving and innovating since, you never know that your competitor may see your weakness and counteract on it.

[Click on the video to watch FEDERER's excellence]

I have rarely seen Federer losing his calm during the course of any match.He does not show any reactions on the court ,which helps him win so many matches.Similarly,it is very important to take the right kind of decisions when you own a company.You may be very talented but decisions based on emotions like anger may kill your motive and also your talent since,important decisions like these cannot be taken on basis of emotions.

This is the final point and by every means the most important point.Federer has won 9 grand slam titles and 45 single titles and he is just 25 years old.It is very easy to get carried away by such achievements at this early age but I always see some improvement in each and every match that he plays,be it grass court or clay court.Thus, it is very important to have centered focus on your market where you are targetting your product.Age has no relation with the achievements you have under your belt.Also, never be satisfied with your achievements since there is always something more to achieve!!!

PS:If there are some other interesting points (which I might have missed) about Federer,please include them in the comments section or shoot a mail at himanshu.sheth@gmail.com



At Jan 27, 2007, 10:18:00 AM , Anonymous Amit Ranjan said...

Hi Himanshu,

Came to your site from the incoming link into Webyantra.

Your post about how startups could learn from Federer is a refreshing thought. Liked it a lot.



At Jan 27, 2007, 11:46:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Amit,
Thanks so much for your useful feedback.I am a very frequent visitor of WebYantra and I like SlideShare a lot.

I hope that you continue the great and people like you are role models for upcoming and budding entrepreneurs like me :-)



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