January 27, 2007

Proto.in unplugged

It is almost a week now and still Proto is fresh in my mind.Learnt lots of things from there, met lots of interesting people like Syed, Shiv and many other young entrepreneurs and innovators who are very frequent at such kind of unconferences.But I could not meet my good friend Sunil Gupta from Blog Camp.

After going to Proto,I have got a habit to check Vijay Anand's blog since, it was a fantastic effort by him(and his other team members) to bring innovation under one roof.The end note by Atul Chitnis-"This is the start of an Innovative India" was absolutely amazing.But still, I missed somethings in Proto eg.I could not blog the event live just as I did in BarCamp and due to tight schedule could not click any photographs :-)

But,I just got this information from Shiv's blog that Gokul has blogged the event live and believe me, Gokul has done a fabulous job!!Now for those who have missed the fabulous event, Amit Ranjan has made life easy for them by uploading an excellent presentation of the coverage of the companies on SlideShare. SlideShare is making life easy for eveyone :-)

Apart from this, the profiles of all the companies showcased in Proto is available here.

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At Jan 29, 2007, 8:04:00 PM , Anonymous Hiral Shah said...

I think it was a very different kind of a event and was a good learning to many of us in the technology field to think something laterally.
Hiral Shah

At Jan 29, 2007, 8:05:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Hiral,
Yes I definitely agree that it was a one of its kind event.Lateral thinking,that was a good point huh!!!



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