January 24, 2007

What's in the name:Tags or Labels?

Ever since,I migrated from the old blogger to the new one , there has been lots of problems.First it was static HTML code that was generated and than some crazy alignment problems.And yes,I did find some problems in Blogger and I have reported them to "Blogger Support Group".

But one thing which I was missing(in Blogger from the beginning) is the "Tags" section which is available in Wordpress.What is the advantage of having Tags? Having "Tags" makes your post grouped under a particular group which helps targetting a particular genre of readers.

But,when I migrated to new blogger,there were "Tags" available but they were called as "Labels" in Blogger.This has raised some confusions in the Blogosphere.

An example of TAGS in Blogger

On googling for "Tags in Blogger", I came across a blog where this debate is going on-"Labels or Tags" ie "Has Google done the right thing in calling Tags as Labels in Blogger"

A small excerpt from the blog

Tags are one of the defining elements of Web 2.0. When Google started gmail,it used the term label instead of the term tag. When Google developed the new version of Blogger, it also again used the term labels instead of tags.

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