January 25, 2007

New Voice Enabled search

Search for "Voice Enabled Search" on Google and you would come across 5,690,000 searches.Just happened to see this one on Silicon.com which has the news of Google registering a new patent for "Voice Enabled Search"[I know it is a pretty old news but since Google is concerned so had to put on my blog :-) ].

After Google, TellMe has also launched a mobile voice search engine.

The service is free and it is currently only in the US,under the testing mode.

So how does it work?
On a Java-enabled phone, you hit the “talk” button, and say the name of city and state you are searching in. Then you say the name of the business (or ‘restaurants’ or ‘pizza’), and Tellme will return results on your phone, along with address, map and directions. It is free (though data charges apply according to your wireless plan).

You can read the Complete Article on Venture Beat



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