January 18, 2007

New Search engine "Kakle" on the move

"Search for "Search Engine" on Google and you would be amazed to see 86,700,000 searches and I think with Web 2.0 on the move, this number would be on the rise.

There are search engines like Google, Ask, AltaVista, WebCrawler,DogPile (to name a few) yield different results.I had also mentioned in my earlier article about the new interactive search engine ChaCha.There is a new search engine on the block - Kakle.com

Search for "Himanshu Sheth" on Kakle and you get the following results(in the image):

There are many reasons to watch out for Kakle:
a. A free 5 GB email account
b. Comparison of different search engines eg. The relative rank of the sam search in search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista
c. Kakle messenger
d. Mobile downloads
e. Uploading of videos free of cost

So, now you can say "Happy Kalking" instead of "Happy Googling"!!!



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