January 18, 2007

The tale of four Managers

The toughest question on earth is "Can you tell me,whether your manager is good or bad?".Yes, I know , this has made you think and this is the question which I have always found very difficult to answer.
After scratching my head for a long time, I came up with two articles listed below:

My current read is "Winning-The Answers" by Jack Welch, an interesting book about Management.I just came across a very good Chapter(#13) - "When to Cut the Cord" where he has mentioned about Four kinds of managers.

This classification is done on how well they perform ie. deliver results and how well they demonstrate good values such as candor and customer responsiveness.
Managers who deliver great results and adhere to good values are easy to cope up with.They should be rewarded at each and every opportunity.
Managers with poor results but good values deserve another chance, maybe in another position in the organization.
The third kind of manager,with great results and lousy is the kind that usually destroys the organizations.They deliver the numbers,but usually on the backs of their people.Companies very often keep these jerks around for way too long, destroying morale and trust as they do.
This is poorest kind of manager.He's got poor performance as well as poor values.Here,even if the manager has good technical expertise but, he may be a threat to major projects since his management skills are poor.These kind of managers should not be kept in the organization and should not be given any second chance.



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