January 30, 2007

Investing in India?Wow Great Idea...

It has been quite a long time since , we have been Hearing,reading & writing about the booming economy in India.This in turn has given a big boost to Entrepreneurship in India and hence,there are many Venture Capitalists(VC's) who are keen on investing in India.

Just came across an interesting article on SmartTechie where they have mentioned "India is the best place for mobile content media".Thats quite interesting.Some time back,I met Harinath(a budding Social Entrepreneur) in one of the unconferences in Bangalore where he had mentioned about Dr CK Prahlad's book "Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid" which is focussing on Social Entrepreneurship.SmartTechie feels that companies are taking lessons from such books and implementing those policies in the Indian market....Keep on reading

SmartTechie was very smart in mentioning the reasons for such India out ventures:
  1. Dr CK Prahlad's idea is catching fire in India - eg. The low cost designed phone Nokia 1100 specifically targeting the Indian audience
  2. Lot of Venture Capital is now available in India.There is a new breed of Entrepreneurs turned VCs who are very happy with the growth rate.
  3. There is a product ecosystem focussing on Product development,Product architecture that has developed in India.
Read the Complete and very interesting article here

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