January 6, 2007

Future of the Indian semiconductor industry

With so many IT services based companies making a mark in India (like Wipro,Infosys,TCS and many more) , there is always a question about the product based companies. But slowly and steadily there are product based companies like Motorola,Oracle,NXP Semiconductors and now should I say that the list goes on and on...

Being associated with the Semiconductors industry , it is very important to see the future and the growth expected in this industry.I came across a very good article which on "Indian Semiconductors Association" and believe me I really felt that the future is good for India in the semiconductors field as well :-) See the report below:


With the government also investing in companies like SemIndia , the growth prospects for India in Semiconductors field is definitely good.

But as more and more work is coming to India (and China) , there is worry for other developed(and developing) nations.But Jack Welch was right in his book "Winning - the answers" which stated:

''Rather than getting worried about the outsourcing , whole program could be replaced by a permanent green card system(in the US) that would draw skilled workers into a more positive , long term relationship with the American culture - and build a better economic future for all of us.Hence AMERICA'S CHALLENGE TODAY IS TALENT INSOURCING."



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