January 2, 2007

The Big Question: CAS or DTH?

D day has arrived for CAS (conditional access system) to be implemented in notified areas of Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

So where does that leave the consumer who still doesn't have a clue whether to opt for CAS (Conditional Access System) over cable, or DTH (Direct-to-Home), or just free-to-air channels.

For those not in the know, CAS allows a viewer to watch TV channels of his/her choice through a set-top box, and pay only for those. Free-to-air channels do not require a set-top box. By contrast, DTH is satellite-based, wherein the DTH operator claims to deal with consumers directly.
Having said that, it becomes necessary to look at the various schemes on offer, so as to be able to make an informed decision. The price structure being offered by cable operators has been fixed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
With two schemes, one carries a monthly rental of Rs 30 per digital set top box along with a refundable deposit of Rs 999 per box, while the other has a montly rental of Rs 45 per digital set top box with a refundable deposit of Rs 250 per box.

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