August 9, 2007

Why don't you blog?

Statutory Warning:
At this very moment , there could be an article being written on similar lines on some other blog or there is already an article published on some other blog, than why have "Same wine in a new bottle"-the reason to this , later in the article

Back to Blogging business:
Over a period of time, when a blogger regularly updates his/her blog , (s)he may feel that his/her blog has unique content and (s)he is the first person to blog about it. But ideally, none of the blogs would have really UNIQUE content and this is the primary reason why many non-bloggers(including avid blog readers) don't feel like having their own personal blog cry

After taking collective feedback from non-bloggers , below are the top four reasons why people don't blog:

Blogging - a geeky stuff :
This is one of the most common misconceptions that non-bloggers have about blogging.Some feel that blogging is really a geeky stuff and you need very high technical expertise to blog.IMHO,the bare minimum equipment for blogging is FireFox[& some of the required plugins that monitor the loading time of the page as well as that can edit the HTML code(considering the simplest case)],than you are ready to blog surprised So, as a first step remove the misconception that Blogging is only for geeks but after blogging, you would definitely consider yourself a bit Geeky !!!

What and when to write:
Most of the early stage bloggers are confused about "What do I write?" phenomena.Just try noting down your interests in a sheet of paper and pick a topic(or a mixture of topics) for your blog.You need not be an expert on the topic but the bottom line is "The quality of articles (that your blog features), would reveal the dedication with which you blog".The reason for this is: Readers are always smarter than the blogger him/her self.So, start a blog only if you know that you would dedicate sometime for your blog, best solution is make a blogging time table. Depending on the availability of time,you should update your blog.

Also, one more important thing is , if you cannot dedicate time to blogging than create a MeMe where you just accumulate links , which would be a repository of information for the user.

No one reads my blog:
This is one of the most pathetic problem for any blogger.Oh I am blogging since past two weeks but no one(including my friends) is reading my blog.The fundamental reason behind blogging is not to show others about your capability but to capture your thoughts in a safe place,which is a Blog in this case biggrin If you are the one who is writing something with dedication & interest than definitely readers would be hooked to your blog.But the crux lies in creating good content.Also, whatever you write for example:on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Blogging Tips.... ; you would find that information on every alternate blog but that should be a hindrance for you.

Just write your heart out while blogging and if you cannot, than take a post from some other blog and give a linkback to that post.Some bloggers feel that every post should be original but even if you linkback,that post is original and this is how the entire Blogosphere expands and you produce readership for your blog biggrin

Oh Lord .. I am exposed:
This is the fear that most of the part time bloggers have in their mind.When you blog,you always want that when someone is doing a Google search for you,(s)he should get to your blog(as one of the search results).Now you are scared since you are now on a search engine and you are (more) visible to everyone.But keep this worry aside since, if you are blogging for a constructive reason than you have every right to get more visibility !!!

Trust me, if you write your heart out(taking the feedback from your avid readers into consideration) , day won't be far when people would recall you by your Blog URL and not your name....Your blog will be your identity !!!

(If you have some more points(reasons) , kindly add them in the comments section of the article)

So,go ahead and blog..Let others know that you have also taken a plunge into this ever expanding Blogosphere but be sure to return to this Blog wink !!!!

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At Aug 9, 2007, 9:34:00 AM , Blogger alok said...

You have mentioned some good points.

Blog has now more things to do, sometime it not only captures what you're dreaming or you're doing but also adds what more you can do.

Keep Blogging :)

At Aug 9, 2007, 4:51:00 PM , Blogger Ramjee said...

Nice one.
One more reason I here is no Time!! What can I say about them!!
Losers for life?

At Aug 11, 2007, 8:47:00 PM , Anonymous Raghavendra BG said...

Hey Himanshu ,
Its really a nice article .Believe you in me whether i read Business world Subscription or not .For sure will always have a glance at ur blog .something have real great information shared which i feel would be missed out if i don't see ur blog .But rarely would i comment .
Ur Blog is more like Global Encyclopedia .One stop Shop for most happenings . Do keep going dude.

Raghavendra BG

At Sep 7, 2007, 12:55:00 AM , Anonymous Himanshu Sheth said...

@Alok : Definitely Blogs have travelled a large distance and have become more than just personal diaries :)

@Ramjee : Yes, they are LOSERS in all ways !!!

@Raghavendra: I am flattered :) Encyclopedia, this is too heavy for me to digest :)

-Himanshu Sheth

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