August 6, 2007

A Good or great Leader ??

Everyone is a leader irrespective of the role they follow yet,there are some of the common qualities that each one of us need to follow to be a leader.As every big change is a combination of every small change, same is the case with leadership.Just happened to check out a book "24 Lessons in High Performance Management" ,where they have listed the top 10 characteristics of Leaders and if a leader meets all the 10 characteristics,than kudos!!!, he/she is a Great Leader biggrin

1. Uncompromising integrity:
It's the foundation for quality and service to both internal and external customers.

2. Absence of pettiness:
The greatest drain of energy in an organization is pettiness.Leaders understand the difference between interesting and important.

3. Works on things by priority:
This results in stability under pressure and makes for an excellent problem solver.A leader who works by priorities prepares a daily priority list:he/she starts with #1 and doesn't deal with #2 when finished, but instead deals with the new #1 and so on.

4. Courageous:
Leaders don't lead life meekly.They know there is a deep well of courage within each of us,whether or not we use it.Their creed is "It's always too soon to quit" so,keep on fighting and fighting..

5. Committed:
Leaders know that they won't die an early death by working hard in a job they love.They never hear low achievers saying,"Slow down!You're going to ruin your health!!!"

6. Goal oriented:
Leaders understand that a lack of goals starts the process of both physical and mental shutdown.Great leaders are always goal oriented(A lesson for me as well cry)

7. Unorthodox:
These are the creators,the innovators and the think-outside-the box types.They learn from their successes and from their failures.They are originals and not copy-cats.

8. Inspired enthusiasm that's contagious:
Leaders grow enthusiastic as they achieve their daily goals,which are part of the larger plan,not just daily tasks.They are acutely aware that without this contagious enthusiasm whatever mood they have will be contagious.

9. Levelheaded in times of crisis:
These are the people who do not come apart and remain steady during the time of crisis.They know that conflict overcome is strength gained.

10. Desire to help others grow:
Leaders know there is no saturation to education and that passing along knowledge and experience build synergistic relations.Have a two way feedback so that it gives the leader more room for improvement.

Work hard to achieve these qualities and if they are not fulfilled then:
An organization quits improving right after the manager quits improving !!!

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At Aug 9, 2007, 3:25:00 PM , Blogger Abhishek said...

It is said that Managers are the true reflection of en enterprise. And if they are encouraged to improve on even 50% of the factors you have mentioned, it will make their enterprise a world-beater.
Nice reading...


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