August 7, 2007

Quotes of the day

1. Peter Drucker on "Enjoyment of work" -

Those who perform love what they are doing,I(Peter Drucker) am not saying that they like everything they do;but there's something quite different.

Everybody has to do a lot of routine,there's an enormous amount of routine.Every great pianist has to do three hours of playing scale each day and nobody would tell they love it,but they have to do it.It's not fun but even after 40 years you feel the experience.
Pianists have a wonderful expression I heard many years ago,I practice till I have life in my fingers.I am sure it is a dull routine but you enjoy it.

Same is the case with people in business who enjoy the work,the routine is that it's got to be done but still I enjoy the routine.This is not the difference between Mediocrity and Performing but between "A Learning organization where the organization grows(& than the whole process changes) and an organization that may be doing very well,but no one misses it after 5 o'clock !!! "

2. Bill Gates on "Team Building" -

While building a team, search for people who love to win;if it is difficult to find them, atleast look for people who hate to loose...

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