July 15, 2007

Some interesting links...

I have been receiving e-mails in last few weeks,which would be of some help and interest to some of us in the crowd(Copy of the Email's below):
  • Mail from Manufacturing News (wf@world-foundation.org) :
Small and Mobile Production (SMP) to resolve giant problem in developing regions

SMP developed a revolutionary production method that is self-contained, immediate, portable, competitive, accessible because it is so cost-effective and transportable by any means whatsoever: by land, sea, railroad or air with more than hundreds Small and Mobile Production systems. From a technological standpoint, it is an incontrovertible fact that this system is aimed at solving very serious problems, starting with that which is most basic: the survival of millions of human beings.

The SMP is the only system in the world that can provide up to six of the most essential products for basic sustenance for just one dollar per day. SMP will supply to countries and developing regions the technology and necessary support for these Small and Mobile Units.

If you are interested in being a partner in your country or region, you can send your CV to SMP Partners Program Marcia Anderson, Project Manager
  • Mail from ISBM,Ahmedabad (ahmedabad@isbm.org.in) :
MBA in six months

Dear Student,

ISBM is the corporate incubator presenting the unique culture of the 21st century for preparing a candidate for handling the dynamics of business and to apply business know-how to real life professional experiences.

ISBM offers short duration programs in various faculties, which enable the students to acquire value based and world-class Management qualifications while working. These qualifications will obviously enhance the career of students in Business and Management sector.

For further details and prospectus: -

Indian School of Business Management & Administration.
1st Floor,
House No 1678 'A',
60 Feet Nehru Rd,
Near kammanahalli Police Station,
Bangalore-84. Ph :- 9227159444

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