July 14, 2007

Manage transparency as a Manager - "BPO king" Raman Roy

When it comes to the Indian BPO industry,we can never miss out two gurus of the industry,
  1. Genpact MD - Pramod Bhasin
  2. Quatrro CEO - Raman Roy
In fact,Raman Roy can be undoubtedly referred as the "Father of Indian BPO industry" biggrin Economic Times had an interview of the Guru,where he touches upon his journey from Spectramind(now called Wipro Spectramind) to Quatrro.

Some of the excerpts are given below:

What's your management style?
Do unto other that you wish others to do unto you. Fundamentally, I have worked with all levels of people in my professional life and the only principle that has survived the test of time is that you have to treat subordinates with respect and dignity. At the end of the day, every activity you follow is people centric - they expect a pat on the back when they have excelled and they don't have to be let off if they mess up. But the thumb rule is their has to be a cord of mutual respect binding the employer and the employee.

What's your biggest challenge as a manager?
Managing transparency. When I go and break bad news to my team, they think I must be holding back a lot so the news is perceived as much worst than what I actually tell them. When I say good things, they think I must be holding back stuff so that they don't bloat. Due to the legacies in earlier assignments, people have still not learned to take me on face value when it comes to being a celestially transparent manager.

Two lessons learned in life
We in India believe in rebirth and go by the philosophy that whatever good or bad one does in this lifetime comes back to you in the next life. But I know for certain that one does not have to wait till the next lifetime. Everything you do unto others comes back to you in this very lifetime. The other thing that stands out as a lighthouse in my life is what I learned partly by working with Azim Premji - money, power and position are all transitionary. So when in position of power and riches, don't develop a chip on the shoulder. You are always as big as your humility.

Read the complete article here

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At Jul 14, 2007, 9:49:00 PM , Anonymous Mahesh said...


Last para reminds me the proverb: "If you give to the word the best you have and the best will come to you" and this reflects the same in every aspects of life including blogging ;): You give best information for us and best people connect to you with like mindset.


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