July 8, 2007

Truemors : The other side of Blogosphere...

We have been talking about how blogs help in marketing and how it can be used to get scale startups and so on.... But Truemors(an idea loosely based on Digg) - Guy Kawasaki's venture proved that blogs could prove to be very nasty as well....Can we say Blog Unmarketing? Oops, I used the word venture but a venture built with a mere amount of $12,017 could also be considered as an experiment and not actually a venture(Definitely, an idea could also be thought of scaling up) biggrin Below is a small presentation of how the money was used in building Truemors and $4,824.14 alone was spent for the legal fees wink

Most of the bloggers were mostly agitated with Truemors since,they had an image of Guy in their mind and his blog being "How to change the world", they felt Truemors had nothing that could change the world sad I am no Guru and in my IMHO,when a person starts , he should forget his past which means we should think that Guy Kawasaki as an Entrepreneur and not as an author or an ex-evangelist from Apple.In fact,when I read a few blogs, it was seen that the entire blogosphere is against Guy's Truemors.Check out article which says "Truemors as Worst website ever discovered" and some say "How Guy wasted $12,107 on Truemors" and many more,the list of criticism is endless....

But this negative PR could also work in Guy's favors and would help Truemors getting more publicity and more traffic to the site!!! Check this article on Guy's blog which says "Inquirer's article generated 246,210 page views". Yes indeed, there’s no such thing as bad PR. !!!

This discussion really shows how nasty can this OPEN world of blogosphere be... sad Definitely,as a professional Guy Kawasaki would take the inputs from some of these inputs and try to implement those in Truemors.

Though,there was so much discussion in the blogosphere,I always wanted to see how Guy Kawasaki,as an Entrepreneur would react to this whole melodrama and his reaction was as per the expectation and is a must watch (video link below):

Truemors is a very good example that illustrates the other side of blogosphere,which inspite of being dark provides lot of scope of improvement to the startup biggrin

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