July 22, 2007

25 different thoughts from Entrepreneurs...

After a busy day at the Bangalore Blogger's Meet(about which we all have decided to blog tomorrow wink) , managed to take some time out to take an interesting book-"The Entrepreneurial Connection by Gurmeet Naroola".The book has interviews of "25 NRI Entrepreneurs" , excluding Narayana Murthy and Azim Premji.Listed below are some of the interesting quotes from those Entrepreneurs:

The most important attribute of leadership is to set aggressive goals and allow people to achieve them with authority and accountability.
-Arun Netravali [Bell Labs]

One must not get married to technology but married to the hole in the market place (Startups are born out of existing problems biggrin)
-Raj Parekh [Sun Microsystems]

I try to get people to think in terms of miles, not inches.
-Vinod Khosla [Kliener Perkins Caufield & Byers]

The strategist must also be like an artist-somebody who strives to break the mold,to change the rules of the game.
-Anil K Gupta [Stanford University]

Great companies are built on vision.
-Romesh Wadhawani [I2 Corporation]

The sense of fair play is at the heart of everything you do.
-Kanwal Rekhi [Excelan , TiE]

Knowledge in technology, products and markets-these are the three dimensions that are extremely important to create great companies.
-Saiyed Atiq Raza [Raza Foundries]

The problem lies not in the idea but it's execution.That is the key.
-Vani Kola [RightWorks]

An important reason for my success is the presence of a very secure and supportive family.
-Prabhu Goel [Gateway Design]

The smart entrepreneur knows which revenue he wants and is willing to give revenue to other people so that he can gain three times more.
-K.B.Chandrasekhar [Jamcracker]

In the technology sector,morphing is a given and the leader who can't steer the morphing will get thrown by the wayside very quickly.
-Vinod Dham [Silicon Spice]

We thrive on the challenge of outrunning big companies.
-Desh Deshpande [Sycamore Communications]

Our fundamental philosophy is to synergize the organizations objectives and individual aspirations
-Narayana Murthy [Infosys]

Customer strategy is a thoughtful combination of technology strategy and customer requirements.
-Jayshree Ullal [Cisco Systems]

Leaders are typically able to see most things in both a raw and an integrated fashion.
-Rajat Gupta [McKinsey & Company]

The reward of entrepreneurship is the satisfaction that is gained in successfully scaling the walls or maneuvering around the road bump.
-Krish Prabhu [Alcatel Globalization]

The ability to profit from and react to change is what the game is all about.
-Vivek Ranadive [TIBCO Systems]

I look for strengths in people and not their weaknesses.
-Raj Singh [StratumOne]

The future is not what happens to you,but what you make out of it.
-Azim Premji [Wipro Corporation]

If the General does not believe that he can win the war,then it does not matter if his army is the world's best.
-Sabeer Bhatia [Hotmail]

A niche today,an ocean tomorrow.Those are the kinds of situations that represent the best opportunities.
-Suhas Patil [Cirrus Logic]

The true power of growing any enterprise is 5 percent technology and 95 percent psychology.
-Hatim Tyabji [Verifone]

An entrepreneur is one who creates a direction out of confusion.
-Prakash Bhalerao [Ambit Design Systems]

At the point of investment,all prospects look exciting.
-Rafiq Dossani [Stanford University]

If you sing your song,not worrying who listens and what they think,you're going to be extremely successful.
-Deepak Chopra [The Chopra Center for well being]

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At Jul 22, 2007, 11:23:00 AM , Anonymous Mahesh said...

Thanks for presenting the Book. Now i decided to buy it. Good article. Sleep well sheth

At Jul 23, 2007, 11:51:00 PM , Anonymous Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Mahesh,
Nice that you found the information very interesting :)

I am sleeping very well...

-Himanshu Sheth


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