January 15, 2007

GIST(Great Ideas Of Starting Things) by Guy Kawasaki

Ever since I have read about Guy Kawasaki , MD of VC firm-Garage technology ventures on the internet , I have been very much impressed only with his attitude but also the books which he has written on Startups, entrepreneurship post is a small piece of information from Guy's new book "Art of the Start" which focuses on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

Below are the 10 reasons (listed by Guy Kawasaki) for starting a company and things which entrepreneurs should keep in mind during the entrepreneurial stage.

1. Make a Meaning:
The best reason to start a company is to make a meaning and to make the world a better place to live in.

2. Make a Mantra:
Mission statements are very long and very difficult to remember.So make mantra's for your company and it would take your company to a higher stage.

3. Get going:
Start creating and delievering your product and service.

4. Business model:
Innovate on technologies but do not innovate on your business model.

5. Weave a MAT(Milestones,Assumptions and Tasks):
Compile three lists: a. Milestones which you need to meet b. Assumptions which you need to build in your business model c. Tasks you need to create to start an organization.

6. Follow the 10/20/30 rule:
You should 10 slides in your PPT(your business plan). You should be able to present it in 20 minutes. You should have a 30 point font.

7. Hire infected people:
Hire pople who are infected(ie they are in love) with your product.Hire people better than yourself-A person hires B,B hires C.Apply to the shopping center test.

8. Lower the barriers to adoption:
Flatten the learning curve.Also, dont ask someone to do something which you also cannot do.Embrace your evangelist.

9. Seed the clouds:
Let a 100 flowers blossom. Enable test drives-let people take your product home and test your product.Find the true infuencers.

10. Dont let the bozos grind you down:
There would be people(so called BOZOS) who are losers in themselves(some of them are losrs)who would try to pull you down.So
beware from such kind of BOZOS.



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