December 2, 2006

Wireless Charging of Gadgets Coming Soon

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Wireless charging of gadgets such as laptops, cell phones and MP3 players is soon going to be a reality, according to US researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The presentation, which was made on 14th November, showed how wireless electromagnetic energy could power gadgets over distances of three to five meters.

The three MIT researchers have suggested that the principle of resonance, which occurs in musical instruments, can apply to gadgets as well. Professor Soljacic, one of the researchers explained that if two resonant objects with the same frequency are brought close enough to each others' tails of energy, then electromagnetic energy can transmit from one object to another.

In the same way, the resonance of electromagnetic waves will be allowed to radiate, via copper antennae, designed to have long-lived resonance. The antennae could then transfer energy to a laptop with the gadget's own antenna resonating at the same frequency. In this set up, any energy which is not diverted into a gadget will simply be reabsorbed, instead of being scattered in different directions.

Although the team has not built and tested a system which could put their theory into practice, computer models and mathematics suggest it would work.



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